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Clearing Emotional Stress In Just 3 Minutes!

There are many effective ways that help clear and release emotional stress. A good technique that can be done in as little as three minutes is by holding specific points on your forehead with your palm and thinking about your stress melting away as you take deep breaths being more present in the moment.

To help release deep subconscious stresses such as old feelings associated with a particular person from years ago or if you often self-sabotage during stressful times is:

1. Firmly press down for 30 seconds your index and middle finger side by side about 1cm above the centre of your eyebrows right near the Third Eye Chakra.

If you have trouble finding this area gently feel around just above the centre of your eyebrows and measure half way to your hair line. Slowly come down bit by bit until you discover a small tight spot. The tension is your trigger point and you will notice it feels slightly more hard than anywhere else. This is the spot you need to focus on.

After you hold your fingers down with the firm pressure for 30 seconds move to put them both on each side of your temples at the same time. Your left and right hand will be working on the same side of your head as each hand is touching. Stay in the one position and don't use circular motions. Stillness is key here.

Once you press onto the temples start by being gentle as they are highly sensitive to tension then build up some more pressure if desired. Your touch will help activate these pressure points to melt away some stress from your subconscious part of the brain.

Close your eyes and focus on breathing. Notice yourself taking slow long deep in breaths of clean fresh air in through your nostrils and into your stomach area. Feel your chest rise and fall knowing that for this short little while any responsibilities, worries or concerns can be left at the door. With every out breath blow all negative or tense energy possible out into the air. Then in your minds eye repeat 5 times in a row " I let it all go, I release you now". This intention will also help affirm in your mind that you are free and ready to move forward.

Repeat this whole exercise as often as needed.

Enjoy this technique! it is a keeper :).

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