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Cutting Etheric Chords To Others!

Our thought patterns emotionally influence the bodies energy levels. When we feel happy, relaxed and enjoy positive interactions with other people we are able to live in the moment more.

Once a relationship has ended with a former romantic partner, you have tried to cut ties from a past friendship, decided not to communicate with that negative co-worker or feel overwhelmed in another persons company it is a sure sign that you need to take your energy back and cut the remaining negative chords that energetically hold you from moving forward. Please note chords of love stay with you and can not be severed.

You can simply ask Archangel Michael to remove these Etheric Chords with his sword of light now!

1. Find somewhere comfortable to sit where you will not be interrupted. Put on some relaxation music if possible. Gently close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. Notice how every out-breath releases fears, worries or concerns for the day. With each in-breath feel that pure clean air going inside your lungs.

2. In your minds eye imagine a lush dark purple Amethyst Crystal Cave surrounding your body above the head and right to the tips of your toes. Spend a few minutes absorbing this wonderful crystals warm energy into each pore of your skin.

Notice how the purple coloured rays of light emitted from some crystal points go straight into particular areas your body such as the heart or stomach allowing you to be protected, feel safe and fully present in the moment.

3. Then say "I call upon Archangel Michael to cut any Etheric Chords that I hold onto from anyone else that no longer serves me well on a cellular, soul and DNA level" after this repeat so it is three times in a row. Once this has been said it is lovely to thank him by saying namaste.

4. Remain with your eyes closed for a short while until you feel ready to draw your attention back to the room. Slowly press your feet into the floor, wiggle your hands and open each eye taking in a few deep breaths for extra relaxation.

This is an effective and beautiful exercise to help you on your Spiritual Journey that can be done anywhere.

I wish you all the best,

Sending Angel Blessings,

Michelle Vidler

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