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How To Identify & ReleaseThe Need For Self-Approval!

I would like to help you release the fear of never being enough. It is often easy to compare yourself against others progress in life, wanting to be liked by those we come in contact with, worry about their opinion of you and judgement or fear of not living up to your families expectations.

For us to bring out the best version of ourselves we need to work on building more self-confidence, lovingly accept where we are in life right now and identify key areas for change whilst being your own best friend. After all the most important person who needs self-approval is you!

Having more awareness of why you care so much about what others may think of you is a great step towards feeling emotional freedom, standing in your power and knowing just how special you truly are.

Sometimes when we worry it isn't important to us in the long term or may ever happen. Yet many hours are spent with thoughts going around in our minds affecting inner peace and not being present in the moment to enjoy life as much. Then you will end up worrying about how to deal with these thoughts if they arise.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself and answer in a journal or note book that will help you ascertain what these worries are about.

1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable, take a few deep breaths, light a white candle and know that for the next little while you are going to leave any worries at the door.

This is your time to gain more clarity and find answers.

Write the question: What am I worried about? don't think about your answer just write. You can always fix spelling mistakes later. It is about being in the moment and listening to what your soul is telling you.

2. Why does this matter to me so much?

3. How likely is it that this will come true? what is the worst thing that could happen if it does? what would I do if it did?

Please don't be afraid to look into this because it will help you identify that it is likely not to happen and bring relief. This step will let your fear take a step back and the mind to look for a solution. Knowledge is power and you are in control of your life right now. Go for it!

4. What other approach can I take of this situation without feeling overwhelmed by worries or seek approval of others?

5. Who is coming into your mind when you worry? then ask yourself "why am I focusing on that person so much? do I respect them? want them to like me? what is it that I need from them to feel good enough? do they make me feel nervous or intimidate me? why have I put them higher than myself where it has affected my own self-confidence?

6. Then write " what are three small steps or things that I can do right now to feel more comfortable around this person or in this situation?"

7. What methods can I use to release the worries I have of this person?

Now is your time to be there for yourself and nourish all that you are. Self-approval is determined by you and it is not sustainable to run on another persons energy because you are great just the way you are.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Path!



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