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Steps Towards Self-Acceptance!

Years ago I flatlined in Intensive Care and took my first breath again at 3:33PM. This was a profound life altering moment that has shaped me into the person who I am today.

We are all down here to develop on our Soul and grow into the best version of ourselves that we can be. Life Lessons are then placed in various situations throughout the years so that we make appropriate and emotional decisions for positive and nurturing self changes. That is why you will find yourself drawn to a particular type of relationship that makes you feel conflicted, experience deep love like no other for a person or seek internal answers towards how you truly feel about those you love on a Soul level. The clarity which you seek is exactly the Universe helping steer you towards being even more of the person who you are destined to become. After all each of us have our own unique set of traits to shine bright like a diamond. The question is are you dulling yours?

I learnt during my Life Review that "I am enough period!". This was a wonderful feeling to experience. We go through life making choices based on what we feel is right, look at our moral compass regularly, take on board traits of others close to us and their expectations of what we should do then seek answers deep within often feeling confused on how to discover who we are.

When you have a Life Review, this is all stripped bare and you are left with just yourself and what you feel or believe about everything that makes up who you are until the moment of your passing. Any compliment that has been given to you in life which you did not believe does not come into this judgement, your job title means zilch, any physical belongings are excluded. It is a fearless in-depth look into your Soul and the progress it has made from birth to the end with the goal of making you feel complete and happy within.

I wanted to share with you a few tips that you too can use along your own Spiritual Journey towards extra self-love and acceptance:

1. The first step towards extra self-acceptance is by being a friend to yourself. When your subconscious mind understands that you are the cheer squad or personal coach to .....insert your full name here, it gains a sense of relief and trust that everything is going to be alright.

2. There is no room for self blame. You did the best that you could in any given situation. Right now is the present and this is what you have the power to change. From this moment on think of three new traits that you are going to practice and take on for the next week. Write them down in a note book for easy reference just incase you forget the wording later on. Read them every morning and at the end of each one say to yourself "I've got this".

3. Be kind to yourself! watch all negative self talk. Over the next three weeks pay attention to your thought patterns. Write any harsh or untrue ones down on a piece of paper when you get a chance. Then use a sharpie or permanent marker to cross it out. Underneath this write a positive and true thought to replace the negative one. You are essentially wiping your stinking thinking slate clean. After all you deserve to be happy and love yourself to the core!

4. Know that your opinion is what matters at the end of the day. Often people close to us will project their emotions or insecurities for us to feel a certain way or fix how they are feeling. Just because they have acted a way does not mean every word said during an argument is an actual reflection on what they believe to be true about you. The only person who can sum up who you are is yourself!.

5. Write down your thoughts in a journal every night. It doesn't matter what you say because with practice the words will pour out from your heart. At first the boundaries will come up from your mind and like an onion as each layer peels back you will see more about yourself and how you feel in the wording then you thought possible. This does take time but is well worth the daily effort. Try this step for three months and read back onto your notes it will sum up a large picture for you and highlight how far you have come in progress since starting the writing.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey!

Sending Angel Blessings,

Michelle Vidler

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