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What The Angels Want You To Know This Week 13-19 July!

There is a lot of intense moon energy surrounding us to help bring about positive changes in our immediate thought patterns so that we can feel more present in the moment and let go of old fears or worries that no longer work well.

The Angels are able to help you manifest a life you desire in achievable steps. It is good to start by focusing on what you want to happen in the next six months.

When you ascertain how you are currently managing your time, energy, identify main thought patterns that are either positive or negative and replace them with new ones that are in alignment with your hearts true desires you will feel happier, more confident and empowered.

1. The first step is to make a Life Map of what is most important to you. Sit in a quiet area where you are able to relax and spend the next 30 minutes on yourself.

Have an A4 size piece of paper ready. You can be as creative as you like with the colours of pens. Crayons are a good substitute or pencils. You will need minimum three colours, one can be anything, then a red and green pen/pencil.

In the middle of the page write your first name and circle it. From here place six vertical lines coming out of the outside circle.

Above each line is your first layer. Imagine you are an onion and your name is the core of it. From here the next layer signifies what is most important to you. List each one. For example a family member may be listed here, pets, a future partner etc.

The theme of this part is connections to your soul. It is safe to write anything here so don't hold back. Then circle each topic that you write.

2. The next step is to draw 6 lines going vertical above the circled words in step one. This onion layer is what matters most in your heart. It is based on emotions. What is it that you wish to feel most in the next six months.

Could it be having immense self-love, full acceptance of yourself, confidence, be more intuitive, have financial freedom, release fear that is resulting in insomnia or causing you to over worry about issues that may happen in the worst case scenario of life but are not likely to occur. If you often ask yourself this question then it is important to take the time to think it out in your mind and see on a scale of 1-100 how likely is it that this event will happen?. Knowledge is power and having a clear perspective allows you to deal with anything that comes your way.

3. Step 3 is to circle the previous topics and place 6 vertical lines into the next layer of your onion. The theme here is about your Life Path.

You may like to include topics based on a career, or being a full-time Parent, Traveller, Entrepreneur etc. This is based on what you want in your heart minus any responsibilities or worries such as excuses that you are not qualified (yet). This layer will be difficult and is helping paint that clear picture you desire and deserve.

4. Circle each topic in the previous step. From here draw six vertical lines. Your next layer will be on physical things that you wish to attain. This can be financial wealth to pay for holidays, write two places you will be visiting. Or perhaps you want to have a legacy to leave to the kids one day, is buying a property a desire?.

After this has been set draw 6 love hearts as the next layer with vertical lines going from your circled words to the heart shapes. In each heart include the type of lifestyle you wish to live.

Do you want to work a 40 hour week or 10 hour week, do you want to be home for the kids after school? do you want to work weekends? what type of work will make your heart sing because you spend too many hours working to not love a part of your role. This is the time to set your energetic boundaries towards how you will be spending your time.

5. The next layer draw circles again and include as many further layers up the page on aspects of your current life that you spend time, energy and any significant thoughts which affect your thinking.

Once these have been written it is time to cross out ones that no longer serve you. Then colour in the circles green that are able to be worked on and changed. As you colour each circle in of this layer think of two small steps to take in the next six month towards being able to remove this word one day.

Congratulations you have made a Life Plan!. Read over it as much as you like and then when you have time summarise what is important to you on another piece of paper from your findings. This will help bring more clarity into your mind and show the direction required towards taking each step for success and the best part is you are in alignment with your Souls core desires.

The Angels wish to thank you for investing this time in yourself and allowing them to help you with messages today.

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