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A New You-How To Make Your Own Crystal Grid!

Have you every wondered why some people shine with success and often manifest a life they desire in a short period of time?

They nurture their energy, set themselves up for success in ways such as changing that stinking thinking, learn to say no, establish healthy boundaries and be guided by their heart not fear of what could happen. In actual fact studies have shown that on average only 4% of what we worry about might happen actually does. Imagine how productive you could be by using that worry time towards bringing more happiness into your life.

Energetically today (22/7/17) is the best time this with the powerful moon in Leo to enhance your life and set an intention towards manifestation. Otherwise any time during the year will still be effective with this process. This could be to help you sleep easier during the night, get that job you desire, gain more confidence, help with maintaining your health or fitness goals. Write one goal that is important to you.

You Will Need:

* A piece of cardboard or A4 Piece of Paper

* One lead pencil

* Two Pens or Markers of different colours

*4 Crystal Tumble Stones ( Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Opalite)

* One Clear Quartz Crystal if it has a rainbow colour fleck through it choose that one. These always make the stone stronger in vibrational frequency which is what you want. You may like to use one with the pointed ends to enhance energy.

* 4 tea light candles or just one large white candle to light

Crystal Grid Layout Process:

1. Light a white candle. If it is a large one place it two centimetres above the top of your page. Your page will not be touching the candle.

2. On the piece of paper/cardboard draw a figure 8 over the entire page lightly. You will be writing over this which is why it need to be kept faintly in the background.

3. Then with the darkest pen/marker write your intention/goal at the top of this page.

Take a few deep breaths and imagine in your minds eye that you are viewing this on a TV screen on the wall. Just notice how great it feels to have this goal happen in your future life. You are visualising your desire and being clear to Source this is what you want.

Once it has been written on the page and you have done the above step read your intention out slowly by saying " it is my intention to the Universe that I am supported with avenues of help to make this goal happen for my highest good. Then state the goal you have written on the page now then finish off with saying so it is three times in a row."

Please note that you do not have to repeat the whole lot just say "so it is, so it is, so it is at the end." Then thank the Universe for listening and working with you today.

4. Now is time to set up the surrounding stones in your crystal grid layout. At the top of your figure 8 place the first crystal which is your Citrine Stone.

5. On the left hand side of your figure 8 place the Amethyst Crystal Stone.

6. On the right hand side of your figure 8 place the Rose Quartz Stone.

7. On the bottom of the figure 8 place your Opalite Stone. Keeping your intention in mind as you place them on the page.

8. You are activating your crystal grid layout now by taking the Clear Quartz Crystal and placing it on top of your intention.

9. Draw an invisible line between each stone in your minds eye to energetically connect each crystals vibrational frequency to the next.

After this draw another invisible line from them to your heart. Imagine placing a Rose Quartz love heart shaped crystal inside of your chest. It is essentially connecting the energetic dots to promote flow of energy.

10. Your Third Eye and Spiritual Channels will already be wide open from your previous intention setting to the Universe in step three. Now is the time for you to ask for any thing else you desire on an emotional level.

Close your eyes for a few minutes, relax and then when you are ready open them to blow out the candles/candle. You have completed your Crystal Grid.

This exercise can be used for many future intentions and will always help towards manifestation.

Sending Angel Blessings,


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