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9 Channelled Psychic Protection Techniques That Work!

There are many techniques, which you can learn to protect yourself from taking on other people’s energy and negativity in all situations in your life. A few great ones are listed below that I channelled from Spirit to assist you in life:

1. Cleanse your auric field by lighting a smudge stick and zig zagging the smoke in the direction from the top of your head to your feet. Also paying particular attention to your abdominal area. Keep clearing with the smoke until you hear a yes to stop from your Angels or feel that the energy is cleared.

Also lift each foot and do underneath them as this will clear and ground you. Then repeat on the back of you.

The energy that you take on yourself is stored in the front of you and any energy that other people have put onto you is stored on the back of you such as what they think of you or if some one has been speaking about you.

2. Wrap yourself each day in a bubble of “gold light”. This will protect you from taking on other people’s energy. The bubble surrounds your head and goes right to underneath your feet.

3. You can set the intention to the Universe that you have two drinking straws underneath your feet (one thick one each foot) which constantly drains any energy that you have taken on into the grounds earth core. Visualise the muck and thick brown red colour energy flowing through it when you feel that it has built up.

4. Also imagine placing a mirror in front of your abdomen whilst setting the intention in your minds eye that any negative energy anyone from any source that has been put onto you will automatically be magnified back onto that person it was generated from.

This will allow you not to take other peoples energy on board yourself that was not yours in the first place. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin as we all have our own emotional energy output system.

It will assist you in high traffic areas such as at work perhaps in a call centre or shopping centre, in a negative environment or hospital work situation, which deals with illness or medical issues.

5. Calling upon Archangel Michael to cut any etheric chords, which you have taken on, will clear energy.

6. Saying “It is my intention to the Universe that I do not take on any energy which does not serve me for my highest good, always staying positive and in tune with my intuition at all times possible” I ask spirit to assist me with this daily and then finish your statement with ‘so it is’ three times and ‘Namaste’ (nom-mah-stay’) to thank them for helping you.

7. Having a bath filled with Epsom salts will clear any energy that you have taken on.

8. Imagine a rainbow light covering you and state to the universe that you are willing to see, hear, know and feel all messages which they wish to deliver from only the highest and most positive sources for both yourself and your clients highest good.

9. Call upon your own personal Guardian Angel and ask that he/she stays with you at all times and delivers you the messages for yourself and during a reading so you feel comfortable receiving guidance from that source and it will also help eliminate fear from not knowing if it is coming from your thinking or spirit. That way you know its all guidance and are less likely to doubt yourself and your abilities.

I wish you well on your Spiritual Journey!

Angel Blessings,

Michelle Vidler

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