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Helpful Tip# A Quick Yes Or No Answer From Your Angels!

Life is busy and often we need to make quick decisions that affect our life path. This is the time when many people think "oh, if only I could get a quick yes or no answer from my Angels".

The Angels told me this method below a while ago to help others practice this technique:

1.Type your question that can be answered with a yes or no statement onto your computer. This is because you will tap into both your own and the computers energy fields.

2. Take three deep breaths and say 'it is my intention to the Universe that you bring any Angels or Guides to assist me today in receiving the correct message".

3. Place the palm your non-dominant hand to the computer screen in-front of this question.

Gently close your eyes and slowly repeat the question in your mind four times whilst holding your other hand in-front of your heart.

The repetition for four times signifies connecting with your Angels (their number is 4 universally) it also allows you to further tune into your own intuition energy fields.

4. Slowly pull the non-dominant hand back towards you. If it feels hard to move or stuck your answer is no. If it flows easy towards you the answer is yes.

5. With practice this method will become even more easier for you to complete, trust and determine if your Angels are guiding you towards that yes or no answer.

Sending Angel Blessings,


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