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How To Connect To Your Higher Consciousness!

Your Higher Consciousness is a complete version of your soul. It remains up in the heavens permanently and appears in the form of a liquid energy ball that varies in colour. This colour can change as your soul vibrational frequency lifts throughout your life such as doing emotional work, opening your psychic abilities further or gaining extra self-belief when being challenged.

Did you know that when we incarnate on Earth at your first heart beat in the womb the soul automatically breaks off 25% of itself from your Higher Consciousness up in the Universe and travels down to start your life journey.

Your Higher Consciousness is able to govern future happenings in your life, continually works with Spirit, your Guides, Angels and other Beings to help you tick off Life Lessons.

If you are feeling unsure of decisions to make it is always great to contact your Higher Consciousness for direction because it works with Spirit and will give you the most pure and accurate guidance.

This method below will help you along the way:

Through setting the intention- sit down at the table, light a white candle and one with gold on it. These two colours combined opens up the path way to the Universe where you need to connect.

Say out loud "it is my intention to evoke my Higher Consciousness and seek answers in the form of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling" then repeat so it is three times in a row".

It is a great idea to have a high vibrational frequency music playing in the background such as drumming or indigenous sounds. This allows your brain to respond and open up your channel as much as Spirit will allow for your highest good.

Close your eyes, call upon any Guides and Angels to be present with you today for this session. Imagine in your minds eye walking along an old stone path and stopping outside of Ayres Rock. Spend time here and see what messages come through.

When you feel ready to come out of this relaxed state slowly embed your feet into the floor and wriggle your hands until you are fully present. Then write down what you have discovered on a piece of paper for future reference.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey!


Michelle Vidler

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