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Rejuvenate & Detox With A Salt Bath!

Our bodies are naturally programmed to absorb other peoples energy output around us into our Aura and Chakra Systems. Without releasing and protecting yourself from this you create more energetic obstacles in your life.

You may find that you feel lethargic, have mood swings with worries repeating in your head or are overly sensitive to what others say to you. You may also experience feelings of heaviness in your abdominal area including having signs of bloating, digestive discomfort or increased sensitivities to certain foods.

As the day goes by you are walking through energetic bubbles of peoples thought forms, their heightened emotions, and any negative energies that these people are releasing all around you.

The secret to melting away this negative energy on all required levels in your Auric Fields and Chakra Systems is by running a hot bath. The water temperate needs to be comfortable but as warm as possible for you to lay in for 15 minutes.

Place two table spoons of Sea Salt into the tub. Please ensure that you do not use Rock Salt as it will not clear the deep layers of energy that you require.

Add 13 drops to half a bath of water of "Frankincense Oil" or "Rose Oil". They are both the highest vibrational oils to clear energy and work well. You do not have to use the 100% pure blend oils for this to be effective as synthetic oils will still do the trick because they are using the smell which your body is responding to.

However you will need to add in four rose petals which is from a live flower (preferably pink or red) to substitute and balance out the cleansing energy mixed with your Sea Salt.

Sea Salt also helps you maintain moisture in the body, the magnesium can decrease fluid retention and it reduces stiffness or muscle pain. The heat will also relax these muscles in turn making you feel some benefits within minutes.

I love having these baths and wanted to share this quick and easy technique with




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