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What Is It Like Being Up In The Universe!

The Universe is an amazing place. Up in the heavens every being feels inner peace, unconditional love amongst each soul exists. Most of the communication is non-verbal but through telepathy. You can take on the form of your souls essence which is a square shape similar to smoke in appearance or a misty shadow. Otherwise if you have already been born and lived on Earth you usually take on your physical body image which you had during that lifetime. It is not uncommon for a spirit when I connect to deliver messages during a reading to be in the clothes they had passed away in. Some even choose to take on an image of years ago when they were younger and appeared the happiest or most vibrant.

There are black holes in Space which scientists have spent many years trying to work out their purpose. Once you cross over there is a choice if you wish to come back and visit loved ones. The method of transport is to pass through energetic fields via these black holes. You are allowed to decide the length of time spent in-between worlds which is why often passed over relatives will come and go between worlds for long or regular periods of time. The Universe has no time records but we are run on clocks whilst on Earth.

Upon passing over you arrive up in the Universe after going through the tunnel you are met by passed over loved ones who take your hand and help you up into this bright light. The greeting is profound and you instantly gain a strong sense of being at home. It is more intense than you can imagine yet peaceful. Fear, illness, pain or sadness does not exist.

Prior to conception each of us create and agree to an energetic contract up in the Universe which is known as your Akashic Records (every being has one). This is the blueprint of your soul and includes everything about you similar to an energetic book. It focuses on soul fragments (parts of who you are including emotional traits and self-awareness) that need to be addressed so you can work towards feeling oneness and gain inner peace or step into your full potential though a deeper understanding of who you are to the core when being tested by the Universe during your lifetime.

When you take your first breath at birth our brains are designed to close off that part which shows us all of the Life Lessons, Life Purposes and development we are required to learn during our life time.These memories of up in the Universe are stored away so that we do not have access to them until the time of passing when we undergo the Life Review Stage.

I hope you have found this insight helpful in gaining more of an understanding of how the Universe works. Further details will be outlined in my upcoming book explaining what happens when you die based on the knowledge I gained from my Near Death Experience.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey!

Michelle Vidler

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