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Techniques To Face Your Fears!

Our bodies are designed to protect us and send warning signals to the brain when it perceives danger. This is great when there is an actual threat but what about when anxiousness stops you from taking steps towards achieving your hearts desires or dreams. Perhaps you want to apply for a dream job, be vulnerable towards a new perspective partner which could be the love of your life or even believe in yourself just enough to express how you feel towards a family member.

When you allow yourself to feel the fear at its maximum point then it no longer has control or power over you. You may like to choose one of all of the following steps that can help you along the way;

1. On a piece of paper write down one thing that you really want to achieve. Now is the time to empower yourself. Once you are clear in your mindset what you want then spirit can help guide you in ways to make it happen such as through dreams or feelings of knowingness of decisions to make coming from the heart.

Underneath your exciting desire in black pen write your fear. Now is the time to release it from your subconscious mind and make room for further success.

Slowly cross the fear out with your pen and as you do this say " I am safe and this fear no longer has any power over me, I release you now" ten times in a row. Then cut it with a pair of scissors into as many pieces as you can into the bin.

Wash your hands under warm water with a pinch of sea salt as you cleanse any negative energy that you were holding onto.

2. Many people think that connecting to their inner child is where the past emotional baggage needs clearing but the truth is our inner adolescent holds onto most of the fear, anxiousness and self-confidence feelings on a deep level that trigger us as adults.

There is no need to go over past happenings which brought you to doubt yourself. We are focusing on moving forward towards feeling emotional freedom. For a few moments imagine how great this will feel.

Then In the bathroom look into the mirror and visualise yourself at the age of around 13 or 15. Try and think back on your ability to live in the moment, feelings of stress that were heightened at this age (feelings not memories) it was crucial that you received self-love during this life stage which you are going to give yourself right now. Wrap your arms around the front of your body for a hug of self-love.

Now its time to give your inner adolescent all the love you can muster by looking deep into your soul which is though the eyes. You are here to show her/yourself that from this point forward you are your own best friend. Say to yourself looking into your eyes (only here not the whole face) 20 times "I love you, I am here for you and you can achieve ...........(insert one thing you wish to accomplish).

When you have finished this task say out loud three things that you like about yourself or are grateful that you have i.e. " I have a kind heart, I am strong minded and I have a nice face". Tailor it to what you believe from the heart not what anyone else has said to you in the past.

3. On a piece of paper in the middle of the page write your name and draw a sun around it. Then in various coloured pens write five things that you are going to achieve by this time next year. Fear has no place for you right now in deciding your desires.

Then use a separate piece of paper which you will draw three columns going down the page. On the first one write down your fear.

The second column will be every scenario which might happen.

The third column will be a number of likeliness from 1-10 if it has a low probability or high chance of happening in the future. if you score that particular fear over an 8 next to the number write two back up plans for a solution. You have control of your life and you will be fine so by having plan a and b if this fear were to came true it can easily be dealt with in a swift manner leaving you feeling more empowered and less stressed.

4. If your heart has been hurt from a past relationship/friendship now is time to send fear on its way.

Sit down somewhere comfortable and quiet. Light a white candle. Take ten deep breaths in and out. With each in-breath feel your lungs expand with fresh clean air and with every out-breath imagine black air coming out full of stuck energy or unwanted buried emotions from your heart that no longer serve you.

Look at this lit candle notice its bright flame and for all of the emotions that you can label imagine the words going inside the candle one by one. The feelings are melting with the wax and no longer are being held in your body.

Then close your eyes when you feel the time is right. In your minds eye visualise being at the beginning of a river with a large wooden boat near you.

Now is time to place any boxes labelled on the outside in huge letters including emotions, feelings and that persons name in the boat. Inside each box is the baggage you are sending on its way. When it is full, you decide to remove the rope that is holding it on the waters edge and watch it float away just before it sinks to the bottom of the river with any negative attached chords or emotion to this person that you are letting go. Only some feelings of love can remain in your heart if you choose to because now you are in full control of what memories if any that you hold onto.

This is your new beginning to manifest more exciting positive relationships into your life. You deserve happiness and the past can no longer hurt you or bring feelings of fear around this person.

When you feel ready open your eyes and pat yourself on the back because you have done a wonderful job setting the path for a happier future.

I wish you all the best on your path!



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