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Reading Auras!

Your Aura is a non-physical field of energy that surrounds the physical body. It varies in colour which reflects your current mood and highlights areas in your body such as the chakra systems. For example a heart which has been emotionally hurt will have a red ball of dense energy around this area as a focal point leaving the other parts of that persons aura still this colour yet transparent because there are no energetic blockages in the body besides the heart. Whereas a person who has self-confidence issues will radiate a murky colour aura with it being dense in colour around their lower back.

The best way to learn to read auras is to work with your own intuition and body energy systems to sense another persons aura when reading into them or see which colour is presenting for them at that particular time.

Below are three methods to assist you:

1. Your first step is to gain a deep understanding of how you feel energy feel your own body. From here you will be able to connect into others energy fields and develop your spiritual abilities towards sensing or seeing auric fields on animals and people.

Go for a walk in a public place such as a park, shopping centre, library or anywhere that is populated and you feel comfortable visiting. Take a few deep breaths and make sure that you visualise tree roots going from your feet into the core of the earth down in the ground (this will make you feel more present in the here and now by quickly grounding yourself). Draw your attention back to both legs and then focus on one person who catches your eye.

Focus on this person for a few moments, notice any feelings that you receive in your own body, do you feel that they are happy,

sad, troubled, try to assess what mood they are currently in.

Sit on a seat and close your eyes for a few moments. Try to visualise a colour around that person or imagine the colour written in large letters. You may like to see a bottle of paint that represents the aura colour that you are tuning into.

2. Ask a friend to stand against a neutral coloured wall. Place your left hand in front of that person. Move closely to their body until you feel the end of their aura stop. Try to see or feel what colour they holing in the outline around their body.

3. Stand in front of a mirror. Look into your eyes, pay attention to any colours that surround your body which are reflected in the mirror.

Light a candle and leave it near you. Make sure you safely place your hand away from the candle and see if a particular colour is highlighted around the outline of your hand. This is the same as your aura colour.

Enjoy working with these fun and easy to follow exercises by exploring some more areas of your spiritual path!

Thank You,

Michelle Vidler

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