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Mercury Retrograde 2 December to 22 December is a great thing for you!

Did you know that at the time of a Mercury Retrograde your Third Eye is the most open and in tune with your Akashic Records. Other times of the year are different to this which is why it is so unique and important to see exactly what your body is telling you intuitively as it is picking up on messages from Spirit on deep levels for future changes.

It is common for a sensitive person to at times over the next three to five days in particular feel overwhelmed, get stressed easier then normal, have trouble going into a deep sleep (this is your third eye and body adjusting to the heightened energy exchange from Spirit to your Sacral Chakra (located down the bottom part of your pelvic area).

You may have repeat thoughts triggering the same emotions daily such as feeling less confident ( spirit is wanting you to stand up for yourself more or assert healthy boundaries), feeling fatigued (this is when you need to slow your mind down and rest) or remembering a past relationship where emotions that they have treated you in the past unfairly are triggered and is preventing you from moving forward in life now.

The first step of an action plan is:

1) Sit with the emotion, feel it, don't be afraid or allow it to get the better of you and notice where it is in your body. Are you experiencing it in your stomach or pelvic areas? if so it is guidance if you are feeling it in your heart this is mixed with your own free will and emotions that will probably water down its meaning.

2) Take three deep breaths, focus on the now for the next ten minutes all that matters is the present nothing else.

3) Get out a pen and paper, try to label a many emotions you are feeling and circle the ones which match up with the main one you are feeling frequently such as fear of letting go.

4) Over the next 48 hours when this strong emotion comes up say " I release you and let you go, I choose to move forward and you have no power over me". Then repeat so it is three times in a row. You can do this, Spirit is helping you every day.

5) On Thursday this week you are going to think as many positive thoughts as possible all day long. Every negative will be erased out of your mind like a rubber and replace it with anything even be grateful for the flower you saw on the side of the road. This will help your body to relax and tell Spirit your ready to change.

6) Each morning and night try to connect into your body and give it what it needs. This can be as simple as a glass of water or yummy as a piece or two of chocolate. Life is all about balance and the more connected you feel to yourself the easier it is for Spirit to download guidance to you daily in the future which is because they want what is best for you.

I wish you all the best on your Journey!

Now is the time to release some old patterns and embrace the new.


Michelle Vidler

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