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Mind Chatter & How To Move Past Some Of It!

When you have mind chatter and are feeling more emotional than usual it is a huge sign from the Universe that they want you to change a significant aspect of your life in order to move forward and feel happier deep within. This process is for your highest good and will always be highly significant to the soul and its development.

This month as you prepare to go into the new year, energetically it is a time for change and positive self-reflection. This does not mean to sit down and look at previous mistakes, missed opportunities or being let down by another person in your past and be hard on yourself, that won't do you any good. Now is time for empowerment, self-encouragement, removing any fear based energy, being proactive and discovering exactly what is right for you.

To start on this track it is a good idea to sit down somewhere quiet and comfortable, gently close your eyes. Have a bit of relaxation music playing in the background or if you are out in nature listen to the trees, birds or waves from the ocean. For this short period in your life fear is going to be packed into a suitcase and left 500 metres away from you where it can have no influence over any decision you make.

Take a few deep breaths, bringing in the new clean, pristine energy right to the bottom of your lungs and with every out breath feel stress, worries, stored emotions from previous conversations or any tension melt away into thin air.

In your minds eye say "I call upon my Guides, Angels and all High Grade Beings that can help me release one aspect of myself that no longer serves me well today". You have just given permission for various positive entities to help you without free will standing in the way.

For the next few minutes imagine yourself in front of a full length beautiful mirror. However you are a child who is about 10 years old. It is a younger version of yourself. This child is innocent, loving, kind and needs your guidance on what is best for her knowing what you see as an adult. Be as gentle as you can with yourself.

Pick one character trait that you feel is not going to be in your best interest for the upcoming year. For instance is self-belief holding you back, or do you want more confidence, would it be easier to have extra boundaries at work or with a particular person or do you prefer to live more in the moment and not feel weighed down by others expectations. For this short while take the time now to look at yourself in the eye in this mirror, feel any emotions that come up and allow any judgement to dissolve. Tell this younger version of yourself that you love her or him and that you are their best friend.

Once you have chosen one trait to work on changing think of the minimum change that you would need to do starting today to feel a little better. This could be by telling the mirror how you feel, giving yourself that needed hug (literally wrap your arms around yourself sitting in this chair with your eyes closed).

When you are ready, look to the left hand side of yourself and notice two boxes. In one box you are going to imagine putting in three words that your going to let go of right now. Then seal the lid with lots of sticky tape. You choose the colour it can be green, red or even purple.

The remaining box is your new beginning, in it imagine positive words that have been painted on a piece of thick wood go into the box. Under each word is your full birth name written. It is personal and just for you. Leave the lid open on this box.

It is now time to get rid of the other box. Imagine throwing it into the mirror as it is time to let go and move beyond its negative emotional effect that you have held onto.

Then when you are ready flip the mirror over the other side and notice how great you look. Tell your younger self that you are loved and can always be true to who you are. Spend some time feeling in your heart these new emotions and when you feel it is time walk away from the mirror, say good bye to your younger self and say " Ive got this". Now is the time to see yourself at your current age.

When the time feels right gently press your legs against where you are sitting, wriggle your hands and fingers, notice your surroundings by listening with your ears and when you are present in the room slowly open your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths and smile, you did it. You just let go of an old self aspect that no longer serves you well. Hold your hand onto your heart for one minute and just sit with your own energy.

When you are able to soon after it is always a good idea to write down one positive affirmation or think of a song that describes you. Think it over and over again for the next week and you will feel even stronger to make needed changes in life through other ways too in the upcoming future.

When it is time to release life aspects it doesn't always have to be uncomfortable and this is a great way to work with yourself on many deep levels with minimum effort which is why I wanted to share this channelled message with you today.

I wish you well on your Spiritual Journey!

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