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Tips On How To Connect Into Energy!

Spirit is here to assist you throughout life, they know your soul path and try to deliver many messages to make things easier where possible for you in life.

In order for them to help you understand meanings more clearly and as deep as possible it is crucial to learn various correct ways to connect into your own body's energy when needed. Each person differs which is why it is fun to experiment with tools that you find appealing.This will always strengthen with practice and can take some patience.

There are many common signs that Spirt use in order to relay messages which I have included below:

1. Showing you a feeling in the gut or heart area. If you think of a question, temporarily remove any fear out of this situation (this is mandatory to know your thinking from actual guidance) and if you feel butterflies in the abdominal area your answer is "yes". However when you feel a cramp, stiffness, lethargic, mind races, blocked or heavy then they are wanting you to think of a "no" as the answer. You can always try again later if you are not sure.

2. When you are wondering about a person and trying to decide if they are showing their true self to you. Spirit can show you messages through that persons eyes (this is fantastic to work with). The eyes are the window to the soul and Spirit sees right into each person Soul not just behaviour at that time.

Gently close your eyes and imagine having the needed conversation with this person but look at their eyes in your mind the whole time. Ask your Angels and Guides to assist you with seeing the answer and be present in the room with you today. They can show you symbols, numbers, feelings or just a knowingness of how this person is perceiving the event you are questioning. As a spiritual rule of thumb always go with your first instinct or message as doubt is often ego or fear trying to make you question self-belief.

3. No matter what trust your own intuition. Did you know that the energy from your body and connection to spirit is almost always received in the palm of your non-dominant hand. Hold your hand up against the computer screen with the question in mind typed out and pull it back. If it comes with ease and your not thinking at the time its a "yes". If it feels stuck and you are thinking too much relax and try again.

You can even hold a crystal in the palm of your hand and practice feeling energy coming from it. You can do this with leaves or even jewellery items instead of the above exercise until you feel more comfortable.

4. Sit down in front of someone you know. Look into their eyes and say an emotional based personal story. One being true and the other not. Notice how you feel. Once you have opened up emotionally it is easy to connect into that persons energy even just a little. This is a good practice for you to feel various types of energy. It is important to tell them the true story and false one. Transparency is always a good approach to have in life.

5. Walk around the home and hold your non-dominant hand palm up over various items. Come close and then pull away until you feel the energy field stops. With practice this will be easy to do.

6. Have a friend, family member or pet stand against the wall with your eyes closed walk towards them. Use your non-dominant hand to scan around them. You will be able to feel their Aura and when you open your eyes can see with your hand how far the Auric Field is from their body. When they are emotional it will be further outwards then when they are feeling happier within.

7. Sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes. Imagine a nice round ball. Place your hands together and slowly move them around in the shape of a ball. Keep pulling the energy until you feel it needs to stop. Play with your energy ball and notice any feelings that your body gets by holding energy such as a tingling sensation, vibration in your hands or a knowingness.

Once you have established how to feel energy and see the way you download its frequency into your body it will assist you to continue making life decisions using some of these techniques and help receive more messages from spirit in various ways.

Thank you for letting me channel this post for you tonight. I sat down and Spirit wanted me to write this to help you. So if your reading my post it is meant to be.


Michelle Vidler

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