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How The Universe Really Wants You To Deal With The Past!

The Universe does not want you to look bak in the past and feel/focus on regret, guilt or change who your soul really is because a significant person or people have acted in a way that has emotionally betrayed you, caused heart or grief in your past. You no longer live in that moment. The choices you make today is what counts. How liberating is that?

Our lives make up snippets for the Life Review when it comes time to pass onto the other side. The major point of being down on Earth is to discover who you are to the core. We all have our full Higher Self upstairs and a piece of her/him is broken off to develop and grow. It is similar to breaking off a leg and sending it on its way down here. You still have most of your self up in the Universe which is why the Angels know how to come to you, Spirits of passed over loved ones are able to connect to your energy frequency and visit. Plus during difficult times various Spirit Guides in addition to your assigned ones come for comfort such as you picking up on a feeling, inner knowingness that everything will be alright or see the current scenarios in a new light. Your Higher Self understands who you are and has your best interest at heart. Everything in the end stage goes though your Higher Self before coming down here. It is a long process but for this topic it is important to focus on you.

No matter what! the Universe does not want you to berate yourself for others actions or believe your self worth is now becoming how they treated you. Only you can know your true value and to Spirit it is to the highest regard.

Before birth you know your life purposes and at death it is revealed how you went to to tick them off. The life review simply looks at how you have coped or handled particular situations that come various times in your life through life lessons. It is nothing to fear but gain a further understanding into who your soul is and where it can emotionally improve so that you feel more whole to the core down here we view it as inner-peace and up in the Universe your greeted with unconditional love. Yet we all struggle to feel this for ourselves.

Sit down and write a list of all the emotional things important to you. Todays society bases a lot of importance on status or wealth. Whist it is good to achieve things for you to attain whilst on Earth when we die the way you truly feel deep within, personality traits which are in your highest good to change or alter are the be all and end all. Strike a line through the ones that you write which have been projected onto you that don't match what you feel is right from childhood or past loved ones.

Every spirit once they pass over to the other side see themselves through a different and enlightened perspective. It is important to learn techniques to connect into your intuition and discover aspects of your own Life Purposes. Once you follow your heart minus fear then you will gain so much by being more present int he moment, being able to manifest a life you desire and become pleased with even the smallest things in life.

Being spiritual does not mean that you have to think positive all of the time because you are not dealing with the situation at hand. Think of one situation that has affected you in the past and be gentle with yourself. Try to remove any fear or emotion just for the time of this exercise and see what the life lesson was to help you improve your core self. Then say I let you go, So it is three times in a row. Only approach one situation during that day. Overload is not going to help you move forward.

You have the power to be the best version of yourself possible. I channeled this post to help you. I have been able to visit the other side and change many aspects about myself. No, it has not always been easy but I promise you that you will not regret it once you get to know your souls needs even further.

I look forward to helping you in the future. This may be by reading blog posts, having a reading with me or working with some upcoming courses that I will be bringing out in the near future.

Have a great day,

Michelle Vidler

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