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Is Fear Blocking You?

If you are reading this post it is because you need to hear this message or pass it onto someone that you know. I channeled it today from Spirit where I went when I was resuscitated.

It is normal to have thoughts based on fear of a particular outcome when trying to solve a life problem especially during times of stress or change. At the time this occurs it is imperative that you look at placing your feared outcome on a scale of 1-10 for the likeliness of this actually happening. 1 is very unlikely and probably never going to occur and 10 is extremely likely to happen. If you achieve a 7 or above then you must make an action plan to both address and handle the given situation immediately always focusing on living in a solution rather than the problem.

When our body is on high alert and trains the brain to live in a regular state of experiencing many fearful emotions that are unlikely to happen as a sense of protection so that you shut down and sit on the sidelines rather than take the risk of being hurt emotionally. This may include worries such as not losing weight, being rejected by a loved one, being fired from a job, feeling like something bad will happen but you can't put your finger on it, taking others words to you as criticism and struggling to obtain a strong sense of self-worth.

When you get into the pattern of feeling fear that does not serve your best interests then it literally shuts down your objective problem solving section of the brain to focus on your fear based emotions as an urgent need to self-protection and preservation.

If you feel stuck in areas of your life and fearful of not being able to achieve your desires than it is time to work toward re-programming your mind.

Once you have identified the fear, used the 1-10 scale it is time to reject any fear that does not cause a real threat to your safety or life. Write the fear and three actions you can take right now to live in the solution.

When you make a physical action towards achieving your goal such as writing the answer or for example if trying to loose weight go for a walk then the brain will listen to these new commands. After this has been done for the next week say "I am strong in body, mind and spirit" as many times as you can fit into each day. Your brain is being trained to change its thought patterning towards success.

After this week is up write your emotions and any changes in a dairy. Look back onto how you were 7 days prior even the smallest changes count. Your thoughts will have improved. When any repeat negative ones come up write them down and cross it out with a black marker whilst saying I permanently release you. Replace it with a positive thought to focus on. After 21 days your brain will have made much more progress towards feeling happier and less stressed which will also help you with clearer problem solving ideas for any given current or future life scenario.

I wish you all the best on this journey!


Michelle Vidler

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