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This Will Help You Access Unfiltered Intuition!

We are all born with intuition which is held in our genetic makeup for survival instincts that you can call upon during times of needing to make important life decisions that are best for you. When you train your body to access this unfiltered information it is life changing and something that you can always depend on.

The brain bounces messages/signals from the left hand to right hand side of your subconscious mind when trying to relay the answer to you at that particular time. This is why you can receive a gut feeling, have a knowingness of words to say or sense that there is a problem brewing with the person you are talking to in a situation.

Just about everyone in life at some stage questions why they didn't listen to their own intuition. The reason your messages can come through muddled or confusing is if you are at that time in a state of fear/stress by feeling overwhelmed making your brain confused which then evokes your bodies system to produce adrenalin for you to get out of there called the flight response. Even if there is no immediate danger your body is designed to react this way as a survival mechanism.Staying calm and relaxed as possible is key to downloading intuitive messages accurately.

Another common method that people find takes over them receiving clear intuition is the brain suddenly kicks in using your conscious part of the mind to find a quick rationalisation during the message delivery process blocking out your subconscious part this is needed for answers. It is crucial that you try to set aside any feelings of fear or judgement and go with any words, emotions or knowingness of an appropriate action to take with your personality or moral compass that tells you what is in alignment with your needs. This process usually takes around five minutes to show up in your body which is why you need to look for messages after that then you can allow your conscious mind to kick in with any doubts. By this time a clearer picture has been formed and you won't question yourself as much.

A great way to practice connecting into what your body needs is pay attention today to how it feels when your hungry, thirsty, tired and write down any repeat thoughts on a piece of paper. This will give you a snapshot of where you are at physically and emotionally today. By repeating this process for five days it will give you an even deeper understanding of where your strengths to receive messages store in your body. For instance if you feel just about everything that tells you to eat, drink, say words to a person in your stomach area to begin with then this is where the signal actually ends for your own intuition to give you important messages. So next time you ask yourself a question pay attention to this area. Write it down on a piece of paper, take deep breaths until you relax and without thinking write the answer you feel coming through. With practice it becomes like second nature and can paint a very clear picture to help you in all areas of your life.

I wish you all the best on your Spiritual Journey!


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