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Weekly Messages From The Angels 12/3/18-18/3/18

The universe wants you to move forward to the next phase in your life. Standing still and procrastinating is no longer serving your highest good. There was a period of time that the body required rest from overthinking past patterns or mistakes. In order to adjust and prepare for the upcoming life changes this time out was necessary. You no longer need to stand on the side lines as it is the perfect time to manifest your desires. Now you can confidently jump in and do whats best for yourself.

This next step needs to happen by starting your journey on wednesday this week. Begin your day by thinking these two positive affirmations. One being "I have full self-acceptance of who I am to the core" and the other stating "I am now open to receiving all good the universe will deliver to me". Think of these sentences as many times possible throughout the day until midnight.

Then on Thursday write down on a piece of paper three life desires for the next month and place it in the freezer where the energy will remain solid and firm around your auric energy field. The reason that you need to use water is because this month energetically is where the universe focuses heavily on this liquid earth element bringing a clearer perspective upon reflection and the ability to manifest necessary change on emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels.

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