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This Weeks Angel Card Reading 20/3/18-27/3/18

I used Doreen Virtue's "Daily Guidance With The Angels Card Deck", channelled messages from where I went when I was resuscitated and tapped into my own psychic ability to provide you with information to help you on the next phase of your spiritual path.

Today (Tuesday 20/3/18) Spirit wants you to acknowledge your own personal truth. This is what you truly feel in your heart as an emotional response to any given life situation past or present when you think of a particular scenario. Now draw your attention to if your abdominal cavity feels tight or relaxed from your thoughts or decision? if it is tight then the answer is to proceed with caution and if relaxed go for it. When you honour how your body feels on a Soul level then you are able to receive messages of guidance daily from the Angels such as noticing a street sign with a name on it, seeing a motivational post on social media or having words from the side of a bus make sense to an answer of what your going through at that time.

Tomorrow ( Wednesday 21/3/18) energetically is the best time this entire year to open up your own psychic connection further as we head towards Mercury Retrograde. For this week write down any symbols that you can remember from your dreams because that is the first place spirit is going to deliver answers to you. Then look them up online or in a Dream Meaning Book.

For tonight it is essential to write down in a journal three things that you want to bring into your life on the deepest level possible so spirit can help you manifest each wish. This is what your soul desires. For example: do you require unconditional love, need to forgive yourself of past hurts, be your own best friend, let go of hurt from a past relationship, build up more self-confidence or take some much needed time out to set high and fair boundaries with others around you?. By writing this list you are able to see what your subconscious mind wants to achieve and make sense of it by seeing words on paper. When our eyes physically see these words it then correlates messages to both your conscious mind and intuitive side of the brain.

Friday is a day for self-acceptance. You will find that little things people do may annoy you or trigger an emotional response. Be mindful of this as spirit is wanting to show you two emotional areas that require minimal attention to bring you a bit more peace of mind.

Saturday is the day for writing your action plan on the type of person you want to be and 9 positive steps towards achieving the best version of yourself that you desire. Always know that you are enough right now and these changes are what you want not others around you.

Sunday is a day to relax and any stress that comes up needs to be pushed out of your mind. Set a worry time for Monday night at 7PM for 10 minutes because all of Sunday you are on strike from anything that you do not have to deal with right there and then. By the time Monday comes around you will forget most of the worries and relax more.

Monday is time to balance out your energy. What you give out to others needs to come back to you. Set boundaries that sit right with what you need. Reward yourself with a pat on the back or look in the mirror and say positive things to yourself today as your soul is moving forward. Be your own best friend and give yourself the support that you need.

This is an exciting part of your journey and I wish you all the very best.

Sending Angel Blessings,


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