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Reset Your Mind To Clear Self-Doubt, Embrace Freedom From Fear & Self-Sabotage!

We are all here to develop our personality traits and grow emotionally into the best version of ourselves possible that is in alignment with your soul essence. The key to inner peace and tranquility is to obtain acceptance of what you are feeling at this point in time regardless of what you think others perceive you to be and set a life action plan to move in the right direction of your dreams eliminating fears and beliefs that are holding you back or no longer apply.

It is essential to allow any emotions that you feel to be acknowledged as soon as they come up because you are honouring yourself, telling your body that you are worthy of living the life you truly desire and letting the Universe help you stay on track to achieving your full potential. Your mindset is a very powerful tool to use and when you have a clear picture on how work out a life problem by living in the solution then your intuition opens up even further and life becomes easier.

We all live in a fast paced world where people reward themselves instantly with material items yet our soul really wants you to be developing the emotional aspect of yourself by being your own best friend, having confidence in letting go of situations that no longer serve you such as leaving the past where it belongs. Say to yourself every morning "dear Universe please release anything or anyone from my life that does not serve my best interests just for today". This statement allows Spirit to work along side you and help block others negative behaviours or energy from affecting your progress in life. People that you love will often see the situation clearer and their behaviour will respond to you differently because you will feel more confident, happier within your mindset and naturally establish more boundaries.

Energetically we are all going into Mercury Retrograde tomorrow which is so that you can accept your current life stage, make steady progress by not overthinking the process or rushing to get things done because the pace needs to be slow and at an even pace to avoid overwhelm. The timing will be perfect and it is much easier to have life changes slot right in when you are prepared for their arrival as much as possible.

This week it is imperative to be clear in your mind five key life areas that you want to manifest in the coming 12 months. Minus any fear, monetary concerns, worries of others opinions and self-belief issues. When you write this list it is just you and the paper and coloured pens to stand out in your mind. There is no judgement and for this period of time you are going to be 100% honest with yourself. It is a safe space to record your true desires.

Once this has been done. Use five pages of paper, each page will be the first sentence of what you desire. Then the basic minimum action you need to take to make this come true. The next sentence will elaborate on time frame and include three methods that you are going to use to bring this into your life. Write as much as you can so that you feel confident and relaxed about your decisions.

After your pages are filled up buy a diary for this year or print one off from your computer. On the average dates you desire each step to be achieved pencil it in as a meeting with yourself. If you need to prolong it then the pencil can be altered to another date.That way you are clearly manifesting to the Universe what is going to happen and they can energetically help you along the way.

Every night before you go to bed say "I am enough and my dreams are coming true right now" ten times in your mind over and over. Then think of one positive thing that happened that day.

With an action plan and clear life directions fear does not hold as much power over you. With practice of living in the solution it over time becomes an illusion that can be easily eliminated unless there was a real threat such as a fire. Your soul will be more in tune with you and your intuition will develop a stronger bond with your mind so that spirit can give you messages in your dreams, feeling emotions or just having the answer pop into your head.

I am very excited for you to take this next step on your life journey!


Michelle Vidler

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