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Mercury Retrograde & How It Affects You?

Mercury Retrograde is upon us from 23/3/18 to 15/4/18 and anyone sensitive to energy will be affected by its frequency so that you are able to reflect on stirred up emotions as they surface and make necessary life changes for your highest good.

The whole purpose of this timeframe energetically is so that we each are able to work on obtaining more patience in life with those who we love and ourselves as well as being able to identify personal limiting beliefs that are holding us back from getting to know yourself better on a soul level and reaping the rewards of making your dreams a reality in alignment with your own life purposes.

Many of our belief systems stem from childhood, what significant others have told us or people that have shown you as a role model methods or ways to act and learnt behaviour all make up how you view situations and account for many limiting beliefs. If you follow your heart and internal dialogue when making decisions then most of these limits that are holding you back will disappear allowing you to create success, happiness, abundance and manifest your desires.

When you have a quiet hour to spare sit down with a lit white candle. Focus on staring at the flame and taking in long deep breaths. With each out breath you are releasing any stress or negative energy stored in your body.

Close your eyes and think back to yourself at age 10, 20, 30 etc. Always go in 10 year intervals. Go through the emotions until you find one that affects you to this day. Open your eyes and write this down. Be sure to only focus on one life aspect at a time to ensure a more clear picture.

It is time to drill down to the core feeling that has caused you to have this emotion. If someone told you to look at life that way do you agree with them? At that age your perception was not what it is today, does this still apply to what you believe to be a part of who you are today? If not replace it with a new belief minus any fears or expectations from other parties. After all this is your own soul and you have the birthright to be true to yourself.

Then after this has been discovered say "I fully love and accept myself" ten times in a row and "so it is" three times in a row. It is not time to tell the universe out loud 5 aspects that you want to create in your life over the coming two weeks.

The Universal numbers the next two weeks are 5 and 10 which is why it is important to follow these above methods. You will see many numbers on number plates or the clock that have double 3 in it when you are feeling emotional at that time. This is the Universe drawing your attention to their messages that they are here to help you. Don't be afraid to ask them for anything that you need this is what they want you to do.

I wish you all the best on this next stage of your journey!

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