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A Perspective From The Other Side When Your Loved One Passes Over!

When I had my Near Death Experience it was the most profound event that I have ever had. Upon resuscitation I had a whole new understanding of what it is like to be in Heaven and how the Universe works.

Tonight I want to share with anyone who has lost a loved one to death what they see as a spirit from the other side:

1. When you are laying there during those final moments your senses are heightened so if your loved one was unconscious at the time they will hear what you are saying. I know that I still heard everything the doctors talked about until my heart went into Cardiac Arrest.

If your loved one can't hear then they may smell your perfume, will know your touch or sense that you are by their side.

2. Once you take your last breath there is temporary darkness, you feel like you are sinking and then float above your body where you are able to see what is going on and everyone around them. Your emotions are not attached to your physical body at this time so it is like you are watching your body and not feeling any touches or pain.

3. A light then comes with Angels that leads you into the tunnel. This becomes clear so you can see all around you travelling faster than the speed of light upwards into the Universe. If you have a fear of heights it won't matter because once you leave your body there is no fear based emotions. This tunnel provides inner peace and completeness.

4. Prior to this moment when you go into the tunnel you can choose to say goodbye to your loved ones. I did this and it was when my emotions came flooding back for that particular moment.

They were there in the other room but could not feel me touch them. I was looking into their eyes but they didn't respond. I was saying that I loved them and had no conversational response.

This is why when you want to speak to your loved one at any time it is important to ask for them to come in front of you or sit on a particular chair etc so that you can sense where they are in the room. It will make you feel more connected to their energy.

5. After this you then go through your life review, no matter what you always see your family and significant people in your life as though you are standing there again in that moment. There is no way your loved one will ever forget you when they pass over.

6. Your passed over loved one is able to be with you every time you call for them to come down. Ask them to stay for two days and they can. You have free will, so they often pop in for short visits unless you are needing comfort or their support. Even twenty years later after they die they will still visit you.

7. In life you loved this person and made a soul connection with them. When you die it is your soul that lives on which is why the feelings, love and memories stay with both of you forever. This is wonderful to know every experience counts between the two of you.

8.Every person has the opportunity to go to the light. Some choose to stay behind to be with family or have had a quick death which leaves them not wanting to leave just yet hence having spirits roam the Earth until the light appears again.

9. All children and pets are automatically put into the light it is just adults who have a choice if you stay now or go.

10. The best time to connect to a spirit is at 3AM when your subconscious mind is relaxed and the conscious part of your mind is tired allowing this transition to take place more easily.

I hope these interesting facts have helped you gain more of an understanding of what happens when we die.



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