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Are You Living The Life You Want?

We are all down here to develop our soul to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. Prior to conception particular life aspects were agreed upon and then stored in our Akashic Records (Energetic Blueprint of all that you are on every layer) for you to complete in this lifetime.

The Universe uses various life happenings by bringing fate your way, mirrors feelings from others behaviour traits in you or brings about situations that force us to look deep within ourselves to find answers on how we truly feel to the core with the goal of you making an action plan towards achieving internal happiness and not feeling conflicted around people and life aspects as much as possible. These usually include issues around discovering more self-worth, self-beliefs, wanting inner-peace or having a lack of tranquil moments from handling intense situations in a row that evoke anxiety or feelings of worry.

When we are faced with complex situations that affect you emotionally it is often confronting and can be difficult to work through. However this is often where changes are most required for that happy outcome that is just around the corner.

The universe wants you to face fears by writing them down on a piece of paper, then go into the worst case scenario if it happens and drill down to the core issue that is bothering you. By the end of this exercise you will have found that the fear no longer has power over you and it is easier to identify emotional aspects that have triggered this fear in the first place. Knowledge is power and understanding why these feelings are coming up will help.

Replace this fear you discovered by reprogramming your mind into seeing an action plan to move forward. Such as if you discover that a toxic relationship is not in your best interest are you able to put up minimal or strong boundaries with that person or spend less in their company until you feel empowered to make further changes? by having a step by step as easy as possible to follow plan you are empowering yourself and have a direction to head in. It stops the overthinking and then you internalising built up emotions whilst making changes at the same time.

When the universe wants you to manifest success in your life the best way to achieve your dreams is to be clear about what you want on a soul level by digging deep into how achieving that dream will make you feel long term not just now. Such as finding peace of mind, having extra confidence or fulfilment around helping others in life changing ways that are important to you.

After this write down on a new piece of paper your name then draw bubbles around the page (as many as you can fit on it). In each bubble write things that will make you happy without thinking of fear, money or others opinions. All that matters is what you need. This is between you and your soul, it is a safe space to record dreams judgement free from anyone.

Once this has been done choose two bubbles and work on making a plan with four steps to take so that you can help bring it into your life.

Thank you for reading the messages tonight from spirit that I channeled to help you further on your life journey!


Michelle Vidler

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