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Ways To Love The Skin Your In & Find Who You Are!

When I had my Near Death Experience at the life review stage I was shown snippets of my life. It was as though I was standing there as a form energy taking on my physical body look whilst watching past events unfold and having a deep understanding of who I am to the core on a soul level.

The most amazing and liberating feeling is to be out of your body as a soul and not have any hang ups around feeling less than because we don't like our weight or face or any particular physical attribute.

The inner-peace I felt was wonderful and to for the first time ever gain true full self-acceptance to who I truly was without needing to compare my body image as an important attribute to how I would feel more happy inside. This moment was life changing because when I came back I viewed my body as the physical vessel it is. Any scars, extra weight I had put on once recovered and ageing lines were embraced because each day is a gift. You can't take your body with you when you die and up in the Universe all that matters is the person you are inside.

A very important factor towards achieving more self-acceptance is to tune into what your body needs, honour it by taking time to nourish your soul such as going for a 10 minute walk, having a relaxing bath or just sitting down with yourself for some much needed quiet alone time.

Life is all about balance and when you ascertain how your body actually works on every layer then you can loose weight naturally and glow from the inside out. Whilst removing fear based emotions and overcoming stumbling blocks to manifest success that you truly desire.

Often people struggle with feeling self-acceptance and seek to change their physical appearance first. The secret is to gain confidence by looking in the mirror and saying "you did a great job today". Make sure you pay attention to your eyes as they are the window to the soul.

Write down in a diary a sentence of how you are feeling every two hours for one day to get an idea of what your body is trying to tell you. Are you eating sugary foods in the afternoon when your blood sugar levels drop? or are you an emotional eater? do you tend to hold out too long until the next meal allowing your body to crave salt and foods which you do not want to eat?. There is no need to deprive yourself of yummy foods but anything is great in moderation. Do your emotions change at 6pm or are you more tired by 7pm? what hours are you most productive so that you can plan to relax and rest the times that your body clock needs to wind down for a deeper sleep each night.

Also write down how you feel after each meal. Are you bloated? is your skin itchy? are you eating the same type of food daily? this will help you identify if carrots or gluten are affecting your body. Then from here you will be able to connect into the energy of what your body is trying to tell you each day and go with what you truly need on all levels. This will help ensure that your intuition develops stronger and you feel happier, less tired and decreased stress levels in the long run.

Spirit is encouraging you to write in a journal your thoughts every night for the next month. It can be as little as one paragraph but will paint the picture of what is on your mind in patterns allowing you to get it out of your head and also make an action plan to change behaviours that you were not aware of prior to this exercise and help you to feel more content within by understanding who you are to the core without going through your past to deal with emotions that affect you today. The past has been lived, what counts is how you feel and embrace today.

I wish you all the best on this next stage of your Spiritual Journey!

Now is the perfect time to embrace your core self with the moon energy allowing us to reflect on the truth to make changes within until 15 May 2018.


Michelle Vidler

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