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The Truth Behind Manifestation!

Why not make the rest of your life, the best of your life?

Prior to birth it is always pre-determined by yourself and the universe life purposes for you to attempt at completing during your stay here on earth. This is so that you are able to grow emotionally, gain a strong sense of who you are, feel inner-peace, know your boundaries with others, have an understanding of your own emotional compass and the characteristics that your soul possesses as a whole.

The universe will support you on your life journey. They aways read into and hear your true hearts desires and intentions behind everything that you do in life with the motives that drive you to present behaviours towards others.

That is why when you state an intention to spirit such as writing down your wish list of desires to manifest or stating out loud "it is my intention to the universe ......." they are able to help bring things to fruition which is only in alignment with what is best for you at that time. It also needs to not affect another persons life path negatively if a second party is directly involved, allow you to be still stay on track with life purposes and future happenings unless you choose yourself to change decisions that differ from what your life's calling.

If your manifestation desire is stated out of fear from a knee jerk reaction at the time, emotional stress, wanting to people please through longing for acceptance or by longing for fulfilment via acquiring material items then your not developing your soul in alignment with your life path/purposes. Spirit will often hold back from bringing in extra success until your mindset is very clear on what you truly need to be happy from the inside out not outside in as a method of protection to ensure that you do desire this aspect in your life.

Once you are confident in your manifestation desires then the universe will help bring it to fruition. For instance if you want to change careers to gain extra confidence in yourself and a life purpose is to build your confidence levels then the universe will help steer you towards the interview, correct words will flow out of your mouth and they can often bring ways of giving you money to help with the transition process.

However to receive money from spirit they need a physical method to award you with the financial figure such as a bank account for your business where products will all of a sudden sell overnight or you may receive discounts on your shopping that were not advertised in the isle, winning a competition that you entered and the list goes on. Money is simply a form of energy exchange. What I mean by that is in life all aspects require balance such as if you help a loved on you must even out the scales and spend some time on yourself which includes not giving away all of your energy to others and neglecting your own needs. Once the energy is balanced out then spirit is able to pour in manifestation into your life in so many areas.

We all have free will, the universe/spirit is not allowed to intervene with our life decisions when you are running on fear or what others want instead of what your heart truly desires. This is part of the learning process that we must go through in order to grow and develop into a deeper understanding of what we truly want in life.That is why it is very important to follow your gut instincts and if it does not feel right then its your body saying "don't do it". Connecting into your body and its needs is always able to be relied on when making life decisions.

*A great way to manifest is each day write a gratitude journal of 5 things that you are happy to have in your life.

*Then from here, if you write your name on a piece of cardboard or canvass. Then use coloured markers to write emotional needs that will make you happy such as set boundaries or just be me around everyone. You can use pictures perhaps of wedding dresses, write a cheque for a particular amount with the date at the end to achieve it by, the sky is the limit have fun.

*After this step on the same board in bright bold colours include life areas which you want to come true that is your passion/from the heart (your heart is linked directly to the soul as they both send nerve signals to each other spiritually) for the next two years. That way you are being clear in your mindset and not overwhelmed for the coming ten years of wanted achievements.

* Then in your journal write down one life aspect to change. Be sure to include minimal steps towards making it happen. No more than seven.

*After this develop a mantra for the following week to help get your mindset in the right stage for spirit to help bring fun and wonderful things into your life in the near future to help you. Such as "I am strong, capable and taking steps towards living the dream". or "My life is a roadmap and I am creating the route that I deserve". Be creative but clear, also visualise your dreams coming true and how you will feel emotionally at that time. Spirit pays attention to your soul and will be able to help you a lot more than if you don't feel the benefits of succeeding.

I wish you well on this next stage of your spiritual journey. The moon's energy is all about embracing changes and being true to yourself. Now is the perfect time to act and embrace your uniqueness that makes up who you truly are from the core.



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