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5 Ways To Repel Others Negative Energy!

Spirit sends sound waves as a way of communication that is then converted by the brain into words and messages during a Psychic Reading. This process also naturally happens in the human body daily when the mind sends signals to our organs in the form of sound which are then put into words in order to help run more effectively.

When you come in contact with another person who is feeling stressed, fearful or overwhelmed it is easy for your body to pick up on their frequency and take it on board as your own. which is why you can leave a conversation and immediately feel emotions that match that person's current life state. You may feel tired, stressed, have a different perception on relationships or events and the list goes on.

The are 5 ways below to help you protect yourself from negative energy and others emotions that are being projected onto you:

1. Visualise a mirror ball in front of your heart and the words that are being said by the other person is going back to their body.

In your minds eye say to yourself "this is not my energy, I am listening to ........(insert name) but will not take on their emotions/perceptions as my own".

It is important to not take on board other peoples energy as you own that way when your intuition sends you a particular feeling you know that it is in alignment for your life not for someone else.

2. Respond to the person by acknowledging what they are going through and then at the end of the conversation evaluate any new unwanted negative energy or feelings which you have taken from the conversation personally. In your mind say "I choose to cancel, clear and delete all energy that does not belong to me"

3. When you stand opposite the person who is unknowingly pushing their emotions and opinions onto you. This will become evident if they are dominating the conversation a lot and not considering how you are feeling or what is going on in your life at that time.

Your body will naturally repel the energy back to the person if you fold your arms for at least three minutes. Your brain will recognise this as a signal to not take on board those particular sound waves being emitted towards you. The reason that you need minutes is because the conscious part of your mind need to access your subconscious part where the intuition and psychic connection lay.

4. If you visualise that person talking to you in black and white it will come up in your mind as more clear cut. Meaning that their intentions or emotions can often highlight deeper issues that is going on with themselves more easily. This will help prevent you from feeling triggered by particular words into past memories that are stored in your memory bank which then confuses your mind as the energy being put out in the conversation is actually belonging to you as well as them to be taken on board.

5. Wearing black is a protective colour which is why black obsidian crystals are encouraged spiritually. Colours can influence your mood and help make you feel more empowered during the day. You may like to research various colour meanings in colour therapy to assist your moods when wearing particular items of clothes each day.

I wish you well on this next step of your spiritual journey and enjoyed channeling this post for you.


Michelle Vidler

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