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Are You Honouring Your Souls Needs?

Now is the perfect time energetically to focus on what makes you truly happy from the inside out by attending to your bodies need for more rest, extra relaxation, de-cluttering the mind and as much stress reduction possible from now until late Friday night in all time zones with the powerful moon that has merged into Taurus.

You will find that emotions coming up to the surface regularly are not the product of this busy time of year or circumstances from life events happening right now that you have no control over but rather limiting thought patterns stored into your subconscious part of the mind which then bounces to the conscious part of your mind to release and let go of once and for all. This is your body purging out some of the mental clutter that no longer serves you in moving towards your life goals or dreams.

The subconscious part of the mind believes 100% of everything that it is told whereas the conscious part of the mind only believes on average 40% of what you say to others to be a true reflection on who you are deep down as a person. When you are feeing emotional ask yourself is this an accurate reflection on how I feel now or will it matter in two years from now. By releasing these patterns your subconscious part of the mind is able to be kinder in beliefs and empower you further in how you view yourself. As time goes on and you honour your souls needs it brings extra clarity and feelings of contentment.

For example If an emotion is triggered by being too tired and you are feeling overwhelmed or anxiety then your body is saying that you are taking on board too much. Simplify your daily routine where possible with a list of priorities on what needs to be done and leave the rest until you are able to have the time to get extra errands or tasks done. Now is not the time to push yourself to be a multitasker extraordinaire.

Regardless of what emotional triggers are coming up for you until Friday, eat extra food to sustain energy during the day, try and sleep in deeper dream cycles longer at night and honour how you are feeling without being critical of yourself.

For deeper sleep at night listen to "Isochronic Tones in meditation music" on YouTube will help assist your brain into tuning into that frequency. Brain waves run on sound and match those that they hear which is of a higher frequency at that time which you need for your mind to wind down and relax into a deeper rest. So if you are overtired and need to relax this is also a great method to listen to one hour before bed.

If you are overthinking then listen to "Delta Tones in meditation music" on YouTube as this is the part of your brain that requires a sound wave response that is matched using those tones.

If you are wanting to clear energy that you have taken on from others imagine a gold egg surrounding your body and covering both feet. Set the intention in your mind that this will shield all negative energy from others for the next 12 hours. This is you putting the request into the Universe to repeal others energy from being absorbed into your Auric Field which is an electro- magnetic field around your body.

Also make sure that you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water so that your body is able to flush out toxins and help balance out your mood during this strong energy phase from the moon.

With all of these tools under your belt, you are able to work with your body and its needs during this time of cleansing thought patterns from the moons energy.

I wish you all the best on this next phase in your Life Path and thank you for reading my channelled post from spirit to assist you tonight.

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