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Need Answers? Try Automatic Writing!

The more that you are able to strengthen your own self-trust within the easier that it is for you to access the subconscious part of your mind. This is where your spiritual and psychic connections always lay from here your Akashic Records are linked to these areas that is a life script of all that you are.

During times of confusion or change it is important to work with your own intuition and get as many clear messages as possible to help you gain feelings of contentment and empowerment when faced with important life decisions.

As a reader the first thing that I do is read into the clients subconscious life patterns and then I also drill down to their soul energy to ascertain exactly where they are emotionally in life and what is holding them back from achieving life areas before anything. The guidance then comes from the souls layers as well as everything else I do with the universe (its a huge process and well worth it). This is because each person is on their own life journey and an individual. You were born to work on life purposes and tick off lots of life lessons to strengthen your own personal connection with who you are as a soul which is turn opens up further opportunities for manifest more wonderful things into your life.

Automatic Writing is a sound process in gaining more clarity when you need it the most. Especially at this time of year where it is coming to an end and every new year many changes being most in relation to emotions and letting go the old to welcome in the new.

When you get messages from the universe it is always bouncing off of the subconscious part of the minds brain signals so that your thought patterns are in alignment with the sound frequency that spirit is relaying to you at that time. Our brain converts sound into words.

The best way to get multiple messages is through Automatic Writing. This is essentially you tapping into your own intuition and relaying messages from spirit on many levels onto paper before the conscious part of your mind tries to auto correct it and turn it into regular thoughts, emotions or fears.

You Will Need:

1. A quiet place alone to sit (no one within 5 metres as you can pick up on their energy not just your own with the writing).

2. A journal and pen

The Steps:

A) Sit down in a comfortable spot (nature is best as it will ground you to feel more present in the moment). Hold your hand onto your heart and focus on taking long deep breaths. Releasing out any worries or concerns for this short while whilst taking in clean and pure energy via air into your lungs. When you feel relaxed as this is key before writing anything then proceed to the next step.

B) Looking down to the left hand side of your body. Must be down to begin with and when you write always to the left whilst holding the pages to that side of your body. Unless you do energy healing work and are a reader it will always be this side. 98% of readers look to the left side. I did until I was resuscitated and now look to the right ever since coming back. The side is a key factor to connecting into your own personal intuition.

C) Set an intention in your mind such as " I seek full clarity and trust in all that I write". Then start writing, don't think what each word means just write away.

It is always good to ask spirit a question related to emotions or a change in perspective that is needed during the initial writing stage. You will find that once your writing is slanted and completely different to what your writing normally looks like you are doing it properly. Messy is good.

Then as you read over it at the end of your writing. Do not worry about being neat, channeled messages from spirit are NEVER neat in appearance. The letters where your' conscious part of the mind has tried to autocorrect wording and it is not making as much sense cross them out as this is to not your intuition or channelling abilities but the body trying to follow conscious messages form the everyday part of your brain. Cross these words out. The letters will be more obvious with practice.

Once you have read over the messages, look for feelings or any signs that also add to your question. Hold you hand onto your heart and you will feel the energy that some of the words say. From here it will get even longer in sentences until one day you may be able to write pages long of messages.

Thank you for reading my channelled post from the Universe to help assist you today!

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