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Now Is The Time To Go With The Flow!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed? extra stressed at times? being triggered by strong emotions from others comments or behaviours which seem to affect you more now than ever? are you feeling more sensitive to peoples opinions, conversations or actions from those around you making you wonder why are they acting this way? miscommunication is happening for a good reason right now until 2 February 2019 so that you can write a list of your true desires and follow your intuition into making things happen in the new year. This is the perfect time as we merge into the "Solar Eclipse Season" to go with the flow and follow your heart by organically allowing life events to happen without forcing situations or avoiding tasks.

Energetically 2018 has been all about identifying emotions that are triggering you from others and seeing that now is the time to give yourself as much compassion, love and understanding possible right now so that you are not settling for anything less than you deserve. You are meant to follow your dreams next year and not put them on hold. It is about intergrading action steps to help bring them into fruition.

Many people are currently feeling more tired than normal, lacking in that longer lasting energy and stamina to get things done. This is heightened especially after 2:30PM in the day because your body is spiritually clearing energy by downloading very high frequencies of 550MZ and upwards. This continues onwards to 3:38AM each morning until 2 February 2019 when the Solar Eclipse Season is set to end. The moon cycles and frequencies are very much related to how your body responds emotionally.

The more you have to clear on an emotional level from past relationships, trauma or depression related to events that have left you holding onto others energy which then becomes frozen into your own bodies psyche the more flat you will feel by lacking in energy. Just remember it is only temporary and necessary to bring in the new upgraded energy frequencies which will make your energy levels start to balance out within the next 5 or 6 days depending on your own body and the levels of clearing energy required.

For now the universe is saying listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to the inner talk that is coming through each day and when emotions surface that make you feel uncomfortable briefly sit with them. Tell your body that you acknowledge that you feel this way (you are honouring yourself).

Ask yourself does this memory still apply to how I live my life today? you don't have to go through every memory on replay its just a quick resolution to how you feel right now with this memory and how do you want to carry forward into your current life and 2019. Does it need to be deleted from your life (we hold onto love but anything else can go) or is it positive in supporting you to loving follow your dreams next year?

For example if you remember your ex. Identify the feelings and if you feel stressed when someone expects too much of you or doesn't acknowledge your feelings then its about clearing out that old emotional trigger and setting a new one.

To help clear out an old emotional trigger. Close your eyes, imagine the words on a piece of paper in front of you. Place the wording that you want to let go into a box from the paper you just imagined writing on. This is sitting in a boat, push the boat away from the waters edge and let it float away as it will sink to the bottom when it gets downstream because the weight of the past is heavy for the boat to carry just like you had to.

Now after the above step, it is important to look to the right hand side and repeat 100 times " I am free from the past, I love and honour myself and all that I need". This will allow you to set a new pattern in your mind and then your body will help respond. This will then go in your subconscious part of the mind from now on help be your new life script. You do need to repeat any new pattern wording 100 times to actually work with the brain.

I wish you all the best on this transformative life stage,

Thank you for letting me channel this post for you today!

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