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New Year! Being The Best You!

2019 is energetically the year for manifestation. This is a very exciting stage for many people because last year was about identifying deep emotional baggage and being tested by others behaviour that was triggering us to look within and react according to how we feel. This was pretty well in most areas of our lives. Now is the time to move forward and enjoy manifesting the life you truly desire.

Energetically this is the best time to simplify your desires and make an action plan towards making them happen. By clearing out the old energy that no longer applies to your life to bring in the new then events will flow more easily.

Sit down and divide a piece of paper into 4 columns. In each one put the heading Health, Work/Hobbies, Self-Care and Family/Friends. Under each column

list ten things that you need for your life this year in each category. Making sure the points are always related to emotions that are in alignment with your core beliefs (who you are as a person) such as have confidence and place appropriate boundaries with ....... or not feel guilty for putting myself first when I pursue ..... career. You are not being selfish by honouring your own needs in healthy ways because you were born to work on your own soul not sacrifice it for everyone else’s happiness and then deal with your needs last. It’s all about balance.

This is so that you can create a new plan that the Universe is able to help you with. When you hold onto opinions from an ex, significant other, friend, family member, stranger or something from the past that no longer applies to what you believe now it blocks the universe from bringing extra life events that flow into your life.

When you feel fears but follow your dreams anyway then Spirit can manifest much more in your life instead of putting in life lessons to get you ready to face that fear to move forward. It fast tracks your progress and is empowering for you to review your much deserved success even three months from now.

They don’t have to be big changes but choose three for now this month. Then once they are ticked off you will feel more confident to take action on other life areas. If you break down the goals into achievable tasks then it doesn’t become overwhelming. Some of the fun is the process that gets you to where you want to be not just the destination.

Today is the anniversary of my resuscitation years ago at 3:33pm and I am very grateful to be able to have come back and even write this post to assist you on your Life Journey today.



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