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Questions Answered That You May Have Wondered About In Life?

1. Do all animals have a soul?

Yes, domestic animals feel emotions and are here to show love what they express is from a soul level.

Wild species of animals from all types including insects have an ecological job to be part of making the world go around and contribute to running the eco-system more smoothly such as bees ability to produce pollen and also make honey for their beehive. By pollinating the local flowers then seeds are spread etc and new plants are formed in various areas and the list goes on.

2. Do flowers feel pain when they are cut?

Flowers have no physical nerve centres to feel pain but like us humans convert all nutrients into sugars in the body this is done through their Xylem cells. Mushrooms when cut in half show you the reproductive system in females which have a look similar to the egg at top like humans do. They also need water to survive.

3. Are all children born Psychic?

Yes, children are designed to be born still connected to the Universe until their brain is trained to replace the unexplained with an ideal perception from those around them such as believing in what they physically can see. This is learnt behaviour from significant others around us and naturally occurs in every child's life.

At around age 5 when the brain goes through the growth spurt and starts changing their perception in learning capabilities make children question the why to things in life. Some kids will not tune out from this process which is how you will find some sensitive and open kids that still access this part of the brain naturally through life and describe dreams that come true or know how others are feeling without being told.

4. Is our life pre-determined before we are born?

Areas to work on ourselves emotionally are linked in with our Life Purposes these are pre-determined not your whole life. There are certain life events that are set in stone to happen to ensure that we remain on track or get back onto the path to tick off that particular life purpose. You do have free will so you can make many life choices that you want but will often find some life events to occur that are meant to be. The Universe will put in life lessons to help guide you to remain on the learning adventure that you are meant to be working on but you do have the right to change certain life aspects that still allow you to develop and learn to be the best version of yourself in these areas that the Universe has sent you down here to work on.

When I read into someone I will look into their Akashic Records which is the blueprint to everything that makes up who you are on a soul level. This also includes life purposes, how you feel emotionally and what events are set to happen in the future and where you have room for movement to add in extra fun events into your life that is not set in stone.

Spirit will ALWAYS bring people into your path. No one you meet is by chance in life ever including the ones who leave a goo impression and the ones that you wish you had not allowed into your heart. This is a direct product from the Universe. Some partners are to teach us aspects about ourselves and others are set to come in no matter what at a particular age in life where you emotionally are on that next phase to move forward.

When you are meant to meet a romantic partner in the future. The Universe has to make sure that both paths are in alignment so that you both meet. This is often through making you need to go to that coffee shop etc so that you both connect.Each person has to be at the emotional stage required and be open enough for that relationship to work as it is meant to be. So if the other party is using free will to shut down their emotions then the timing can take longer to make that full connection with them. The Universe will continue to put life lessons in their path to help guide them on track which is interesting because there is more to just meeting someone that you would think.

5. What is the best way to make sure you are accurate in your thoughts about someone currently in your life?

Look into their eyes, this is the direct route to the soul. Your eyes have their own unique cellular memory and print. So if you were to donate your eyes to another person even after death 20 percent of recipients see snippets of the donors life. It is because your eyes store all of the cellular data in your body in relation to memories and how you feel on that soul level.

As a reader when out in public I instantly connect to a persons eyes walking towards me and it goes straight to the in depth emotional aspects of who they are as a person and the intentions plus integrity of that person in their life.

This is good to know because when you talk to a partner about how you feel from their behaviour. Always look into their eyes and talk from a place of love. Say how you feel with love for yourself and the situation. You will find most of the time they respond on those deeper levels and you feel more understood and heard.

Thank you for letting me get guidance and also answer these questions today.



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