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Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Everyone has challenges in their lives, it is how we adapt our mindset that matters most. When you create balance and listen to what makes you truly happy minus others expectations than your life will flow into a good path that is right for you. This includes both good and bad times.

Are you adapting your life to what works in your best interests or are you trying to stretch yourself to wear many hats? and essentially fulfil multiple roles to make other people happy whilst sacrificing what matters to you most or just some much needed time out?

With life comes responsibilities such as being there for significant others, kids, pets or a career often takes up your time. Everyone is different so the list is a varied spectrum but this life is yours. We wake up with only so much energy in the day. Many people think that they need to settle and get through situations hoping to feel satisfied deep within at the next best thing essentially never living in the moment or going with life’s flow but when you are in the flow of what excites you such as a hobby, having done self-care downtime for a nice walk or hot bath then your mind is able to rejuvenate from overthinking creating more contentment.

It takes three weeks to break a pattern and just 12 days to create a new one on a cellular level in our body.The biggest lesson I learn't and stopped doing was from settling for helping a partners needs or anyone around me was if you sacrifice your emotions day after day by putting your wants aside and settling then your body creates this as a new pattern. This is not what is best for your own happiness and awareness to change patterns is key for contentment. Mentally if you don’t then you will continue to set aside your needs as a type of blueprint for the subconscious part of the mind on autopilot essentially feeling out of touch with your own life purposes because you are constantly putting others before your needs. It’s not selfish to express your needs it’s essential to be less stressed and keep that passion ignited daily to live in the moment and when you are in this state life flows, you are in touch with your intuition and the brain produces oxytocin which makes you feel good. It’s a domino effect all from listening to your needs.

When you are not going into the flow of what makes you happy on that soul level then the universe will send life lessons down to intensify scenarios and your emotions in order to make a change. If you are receiving messages from your intuition you will feel tight in your stomach area. That is spirit showing you that you need to change a couple of areas in your life to find balance hence being more in the flow of life. If your stress energy feels tight in the chest or upper part of the body it actually is fear from past events coming from the programmed part of your subconscious mind on auto pilot. Next time you think of a person, situation or emotion notice exactly where it is stored in your body. Write down two action steps that you can take over the next week towards making a desired change or even just speaking your truth to the person you are thinking of. One small change will make you feel more in alignment with your soul.

On a Universal level, the energy from spirit that we are all feeling right now is one for change. To let go of the past and move forward living and feeling emotions that have held back.

Now is the tune to move forward free from fear and live your life your way!

I wish you all the best on this exciting part of your life journey.

Thank you for reading my channeled post today from where I went when I was resuscitated to assist you.

I believe in you!