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How To Go From Stressed To Zen!

The human mind is an amazing organ that serves your every thought daily regardless of if you are conscious enough to listen to what self-talk is going on at any given time or not, it also still has the ability to function without being told what to do. The body then responds with many signals to various organs such as the heart if you are feeling overwhelmed or emotionally triggered by even watching a story on the news. The initial emotion are all coming from your thought patterns in the brain. Your conscious part of the mind constantly connects backwards and forwards to your subconscious part of the brain hundreds of times a day in order to govern your feelings and how you respond to life situations. This is because your life patterns both learnt from childhood and who you truly are and emotional pre-requisites on how to handle the upcoming challenge or conversation with another person are always all stored in the subconscious part of the mind. Also this is the exact place your intuition is held in order for you to work with your body and know what you are feeling when needed. Humans are all designed to scientifically have organs and a body run in order to sustain life. The mind is the key to who you are and your life purposes. This is what needs changing in order to feel happier and contentment.

Knowing that your brain holds the key to getting to know yourself better you actually can work with it to make life changes required with more ease depending on your emotional needs at the time. The first step before altering any life area is to train the mind to relax enough for you to listen to your intuition and body more clearly. This is where having some extra tools on how to stress less under your tool belt will be beneficial to feeling happier and gaining more self-confidence deep within your subconscious part of the mind.

1) Focus on breathing is an essential foundation to work with. This is because your body will release endorphins the feel good hormone when you breath out slowly. When we are. stressed we release cortisol and that often makes you feel tired or even after a while crave those yummy foods that are not too great for the waist line. Breathe in a deep breath then slowly release it counting to ten. Repeat this 12 times and say in your mind "I am safe, all is well". Even though you are in a safe situation the cortisol produced tells the brain otherwise which goes back to the old caveman days to run in a dangerous situation. This technique will scientifically calm down the mind more and in turn you will be at a better state to listen to your body. Are you hungry? need time to sit by yourself? what do you feel like right now? This is important to know as you are training your mind to be calm and then show you a step towards what you need at that given time.

2)If you light a nice fragranced candle that you enjoy. Focus on watching the flame as you sit down. Your eyes will report signals to the conscious part of the mind to focus in turn allowing your smelling senses to heighten. If your subconscious part of the mind remembers that smell as positive it will take you back to the time that you enjoyed it even if. you don't think of the memories. associated with an event In turn the body will relax more and you will feel more in the moment.

3) Place on some meditation music preferably delta tones or isco-chronic tones. You can even type this in on Youtube and place it on the background. Your brain waves have no choice but to match up with the music tones in turn allowing you to relax more. This is good. an hour before bedtime too. You just need the music not a guided meditation unless you wish to listen and focus on that life area right then.

4) Often your body will respond to squishing a sensory item in your hands even a squishy ball, play doh, washing your hands with soap and water and really focusing on the soap between your fingers and feeling each sensation. This process will help you quieten your mind and use senses of touch to help melt the stress away.

I wanted to channel this post and write some quick go to techniques to help you relax and understand the process your body is going through at the same time.

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is a wonderful attribute to have under your belt when you gain a deeper understanding of what makes you who you are as a person. At the end of the day we are all down here to help evolve, grow and become the best version of ourselves possible.

The reason that children are often able to have minimal stress and live in the moment to fully en-golf themselves with drawing that picture or running along the beach is because their mind has established a pattern

similar to reserves in a bank. When you are accustomed to drawing on. positivity or feeling capable and safe in daily life work then your brain will respond by continuing on this same cycle.

As adults when you age along comes responsibilities

Life is all about balance and once you strip back the layers of others expectations, the long to do list and your own past patterns still impacting how you respond to stress today your mind will send the same brainwave signals between the conscious part of your mind and to the subconscious part in order to establish your emotional state.