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Identify And Overcome Limiting Beliefs!

A Limiting Belief is "a mental barrier that prevents you from effectively achieving your goals/dreams or moving forward in a productive way feeling more sure of yourself and obtaining inner peace whilst working with what you truly want to do or desire in your heart." This can be from changing career, starting a family to finding the love of your life and opening yourself up completely without allowing past negative experiences from placing you in fear mode or holding yourself back from expressing your perfectly imperfect self. All beliefs relay back to an emotional reward or source.

Up until the age of 17 cognitively (mentally) the brain is designed to feel an array of emotions without processing/logically understanding them. This is where we are not able to place a meaning that correlates/pinpoints particular events to your inner thought patterns which is where your actual belief system is born.

As adulthood progresses over time recent/current events often trigger these unprocessed emotions in order for you to update any new beliefs removing the old which no longer apply to how you feel/view your internal (inner voice)and external world (life choices and relationship dynamics).

Everyone craves certainty in life. A limiting belief is only a thought at the end of the day and can be changed.

To identify your limiting beliefs and change them:

1. Write down important thoughts both positive and negative over one day in a book. This includes exactly what you say to yourself.

2. Pick one at a time, analyse each thought pattern, look at where it came from if you can recall.

3. Does this limiting belief hold you back by feeling fear, anxiety or feelings which are negatively impacting you?

4. Replace each limiting belief with a positive affirmation such as "I can do this" and a new belief that will get you towards three life goals that you need to write down and work towards. 5. Think of two plans to get to your goal. Then imagine the worst case scenario rating if it is likely to happen or not on a scale of one to ten. One being extremely unlikely to ten being very likely. Often when goals are written down on paper the mind will place what you desire in front of you and minimise old unwanted beliefs that are not needed in your life today going forward.

I wish you all the best on your life journey! this exercise will help you make new beliefs that can bring freedom more than you ever thought possible. You are worth it! go for your dreams!

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