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The Truth Behind Meditation & How It Can Help You!

There are a lot of misconceptions around about Meditation. When done properly it is absolutely life changing and mind blowing you truly feel a difference in daily living emotionally in particular. Below I will explain what happens to our body and then the benefits of how just how meditation can work for you in life.

How it works

Science states in a multitude of studies that we are all born with the "Reptilian Brain". This means that even though humans have evolved over the centuries our brains still function on the same principles to a perceived threat/stress as back then. The emotions that arise during a stressful time travel via thousands of nerve signals to our gut (where you feel your intuition), the brain is designed to rise and fall in hormones with short bursts of cortisol being the predominant one during a perceived threat. It is not meant to produce hormones like this long term to stress as it merely was to save your life from a perceived threat at that time.This is so when we were faced with a Saber-Toothed Tiger all of those years ago as cavemen/cavewomen we were instinctively able to trust our gut feeling and flee for safety. It is our brains natural way of protecting us and back then saving our life which is not a reality to flee a Tiger in 2021.

In today's society with a brain that is still designed to function this way and flee at the sign of a threat can be challenging to allow your body's stress mechanisms to relax for long periods of time knowing when to switch on the analysing thinking without overthinking as a defence mechanism. Even though there is ample shelter, food is for our picking at the local supermarket without the need to hunt or grow crops our body responds to any stress as a catastrophic event. With current life stresses they have evolved since being caveman/cavewomen including such as being related to balancing work life, family life, juggling kids, developing deep fulfilled relationships with family and most importantly yourself. Many people live with anxiety ongoing, have witnessed traumatic events and struggle to gain a deeper connection with self. This is not addressed easily in a fast paced society with instant gratification just at the click of an online shopping computer button. The reality is meditation can work with our body to identify current real threats, decipher the tens of thousands Neurons and Electrons firing like fireworks back and forth around the brain in order for us to truly slow down and be more present in the moment as we were always meant to do since the caveman days.

Life is to be enjoyed and with todays relevant stresses the brain needs to re-group, focus, be in touch with your current life reality, what your body needs in all given life situations without automatically reacting to any stress as a life or death situation to produce cortisol (stress hormone) bursts of energy to escape. It is imperative to apply our body's natural instincts in proportion understanding our own intuition/gut feelings where appropriate. This will avoid overthinking, brain fog, help ease depression, control anxiety, being impatient, improve sleep, increase memory recall, it can ease symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Fibromyalgia. Meditation will also enhance hormones in the brain to release such as Oxytocin (the feel good hormone) in your body to he happier and more relaxed. Once your brain listens to the music if it is the correct tones such as delta tones to relax the brainwaves will match the frequency of the music. Once you get guided into a meditation effectively you are able to shut off the conscious part of the mind and access the subconscious which is where your brain feels your emotions. This is how you are able to gain more clarity and make decisions regarding pressing issues all whilst being relaxed.

Over time of regular listening to meditation your mind lessens the stress signals and functions more in rhythm and flow to each situation. Allowing you to gain clarity during daily living, relax more and feel happier naturally within all whilst gaining a deeper understanding of your own personal needs. Short bursts of stress in life are healthy however long term stresses can wreck havoc on your body because of the above hormones highlighted in this blog.

I have created some fantastic guided meditations designed to help you that work. Each are guided properly to assist you in a relaxing safe environment where you are able to hear everything going on in life outside but be relaxed at the same time. With regular listening you can reap maximum benefits in relation to how your body naturally responds to meditation and see improvements in your life. Your brain is able to understand what you need from the first meditation experience subconsciously to help you relax, focus and handle stress easier. There are many more special meditations coming out that I create. Below are the types on offer today that you can order to assist your life through my website online store.


1) Stress Less For Success

2) Let Go Of Anxiety, Fears, Worry And Self Doubt

3) Love The Skin That You Are In

4) Opening Your Third Eye And Connecting To Your Psychic Channel

5) Breaking Free of Negative Thoughts And Overthinking

I look forward to seeing you develop and feel more relaxed from meditation as it will help your life.