I use my gift by channelling guidance to receive messages from Spirit and answer questions where relevant for you during your session. All answers come from Spirit and not what I personally decide to say. I am the messenger and not responsible for the reading content delivered.

Each session held by Michelle is with integrity, honesty, fairness and strict confidentiality where I will not discuss your session with anyone else.


Whilst I endeavour to provide clear, accurate and concise messages from spirit at all times you do have the ability to change areas or events in your own life by using free will meaning that nothing is 100% accurate or set in stone because you can choose to take steps that will change that initial outcome. 

I completely understand that life happens and you may need to reschedule an appointment or perhaps cancel that particular time slot. Please note that I am mostly heavily booked and would like at least 24 hours notice prior to your session so that another person on the wait list is able to have a reading for the spot you are not able to attend. 


I am not able to be a substitute for legal, medical, financial, business or psychological advice and therefore will not seek to take the place of a counsellor or fully trained professional in these areas. A reading content is meant to be an uplifting spiritual experience to assist you on your life path and is for entertainment purposes.

I reserve the right to terminate a reading if I feel the client is intoxicated or on illegal drugs, displaying aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour.

No spectators, children or animals are permitted in face-to face sessions.


The minimum age requirement for a reading to take place is 18 years old.


Each allocated booking session is for one person only and cannot be divided amongst another person.


I will not ask my guides to provide winning Lotto, Lottery and gambling results. Including business deals or any means that is monetary related.


I ethically am not able to make inquiries about the affairs of others such as close relatives, friends or work relationships unless it is in your best interest for me to do so. For any information about others I must receive consent by them prior to the session to deliver messages to you being a third party.