Meditation Reviews (purchased from our store)

Charlie says: 

I have meditated for over ten years and brought Michelle's "Breaking Free Of Negative Thoughts & Overthinking Meditation". Wow is all that I can say! after listening, I HAD to buy the rest.The way Michelle guides you into it is noting short of amazing, the wording is well done and it is very rare someone can produce a meditation non scripted with beautiful powerful content. You can see her talent shine through to be able to channel the meditations from Spirit. They are not basic at all!. Well done Michelle! I just brought the rest of your collection.

Love Charlie


Alicia says:

As an Actor I find it necessary to take care of my-self and meditation has always been a quick answer. I purchased the "Opening Your Third Eye And Connecting To Your Psychic Channel Guided Meditation". Michelle, thank you for sharing your brilliant meditation for me to have the means of an open channel to continue to work with my Higher-Self, Guides and deceased Sister so that I can understand more messages they send my way. I will be telling all of my friends about your meditations.

Life Coaching Reviews:

Luke Says:

I was recommended to see Michelle via a colleague prior to setting my current business and boy has she changed my life for the better!!!!!. You are absolutely amazing Michelle! I needed the Life skills in being coached to get to the reason behind my patterns and your business knowledge that was right for me is mind blowing.  I took the plunge because you believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Your personalised guided meditations have been the icing on top and I listen to my recording daily especially when about to go into an important meeting.


Forever grateful for you.


Rachael Says:

Michelle saw what I needed, gave me insight and my very own program to work from. Her spiritual connection and loving nature made me instantly trust she knew what was best and I am glad that I have seen her for 4 years now. Michelle you have helped me more than you will ever know. 

Callum Says:

There is often a lot of pressure as an actor and Michelle gets me. She centres, inspires and knows me well. I saw results the first Skype meeting when I was at a crossroads during filming. If you are a spectator in your life seek out Michelle she can help.

Psychic Reading Session Reviews:

Lachy Says:

I have had my second session with Michelle in under 6 weeks and both sessions were profound. I was seeking clarity on my life, both professionally and personally, and I received exactly this and a lot more. 


Michelle is so talented. Her explanations and accuracy regarding future dates and times is simply amazing.


I am very thankful to have met Michelle in my professional journey and can not wait for the rest of this year and next year to come true!!!


Thank you Michelle! You are truly profound! 

Nicole Says:

I have had three readings with Michelle and every time it feels like I am talking with a good friend. I continue to be amazed with Michelle's insights and guidance. The accuracy of dates and other information provided is truly astounding. Michelle delivers her messages with genuine warmth and empathy. I have no doubt I will have more readings in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone. "Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift". 

Sarah Says:

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart Michelle. You gave me hope. Hope that had been lost for 4 years of complete exhaustion , frustration and deep pain. You confirmed word for word what I felt to be true, which gives me further strength to trust myself. You helped me to understand my special needs kids and gave me vital tools to assist them. Even though I didn't tell you much, I felt heard. Knowing a lot of mediums, you are by far the most accurate I have experienced. Truly grateful for your time and guidance, thank you again. Much love and blessings, Sarah

Darren Says:

Michelle is by far the best Psychic medium. I have spoken to many both locally and globally. What astounds me is how very specific and detailed that she provides in her readings. As for the accuracy of her readings - hands down - 150%. You will be so impressed. Everything she predicts and sees comes to fruition.

Christine Says:

Michelle is a wonderful soul here on Mother Earth and with her very special gift she is able to give advices and explains the root cause why I experienced some happenings in my life. Deeply grateful to know her. Everything she told me came true. I experience miracles after miracles. I can highly recommend her readings. Please take this chance to get guidance from her - it will change your life forever in the best way.

Kristyna Says:


There are no words in the world to describe how amazing and incredible this session was. It gave me so much clarity and assurance that I’m at the right path. First session with Michelle, Akashic Records, and cannot wait for another one! ❤️ Thank you Michelle!

Scott Says:

Once again an amazing reading that reaffirmed all that I've been through and now a plan of intention to live my purpose. An amazing lady who delivers the messages with love and light.

Bec Says:

I have always been a little skeptical of getting a psychic reading thinking that it would be very general and not specific to the person. Well I was proven very wrong and am very excited to watch it all evolve as the next few months progress! Can't wait for my next reading!

Roslyn Says:

Michelle you are a beautiful person and so warm and welcoming. I love my sessions with you.

Ronan Says:

I have had two sessions with Michelle. The first one was not only life changing but soul journey saving also(that’s deep I know). During the first session I got more truth bombs in an hour then I had received in the few years prior. And my spirit guides showed her a book, and to tell me to get that book it would be life changing. The book was Tao 1 by a spiritual teaches called Master Sha and my depth of m practice increased deeply with this. Plus’s I WAS NOT GOING TO GET THE BOOK only for Michelle said ‘your guides are also telling me to tell you , that you don’t like reading and to get the book and read past the second chapter, no matter how painful it will be.” Needles to say I got the book. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. She is an angel. And thank her infinitely for the messages she passed on to me from my guides.

Pam Says:

Michelle I simply cannot thank you enough for your readings. So far I have had 3. The first 2 were 100% accurate and I now look forward to what you have said for reading number 3. Your warmth, kindness, genuine care, understanding, empathy and the way you explain everything with so much clarity is uplifting and I always end the call feeling so much better! You DO have a genuine gift and your honesty and straight to the point information as well as the fact that everything came to pass as 100% is absolutely amazing and awe inspiring. No wishy washy, no fishing, no questions, just straight up answers and information exactly as needed. Your validation and explanation for all my constant questions is so much appreciated! I HIGHLY recommend Michelle and I have already done so and my friends have similarly been blown away by the detailed precise information. I look forward to speaking with you in 2018 and meantime I wish you, your darling boy and your family a very safe, happy and joyful Christmas and may 2018 be all you wish it to be. You were sent back for a very big reason and we are so lucky that you were because you are most certainly fulfilling your purpose with so much love, warmth and compassion. Thank you Michelle xoxo

Julie Says: 

I have had 3 readings with Michelle and have walked away uplifted and armed with the tools to help me with my various health issues. She is accurate, caring and has connected with my late husband every time , she knows details about my husband that blow me away, this gives me proof she is connecting with him.

Lille Says: 

Thank you so much for your reading today, I couldn't have asked for any thing better! Can't wait to book another session! Absolutely amazing.

Jan Says:

Wow! I was blown away.

I recently had a reading with Michelle, and was just blown away with the level of detail she provides in her reading! Michelle was able to do readings on a fair few areas of my life, and have given me a positive and realistic outlook on my future to come. I am so excited about what is ahead, and am so looking forward to more readings with Michelle!

Lisa Says:

Michelle is compassionate and amazing! my daughter is 8 years old and I was at a loss on how to help her. Michelle did a reading for me and gave me messages describing her behaviour, told me ways to work with her and even knew how she viewed the world. This was the best news I have heard because I used every method I read about. Michelle described ways and they all worked. In one week my daughter doesn't struggle with anxiety like she had for years, can handle outbursts of anger, sits quietly most of the time and using what Michelle said about working on her expression of emotions can put her feelings into words. Future happenings on her dance class and eating habits of exact foods changing came true. Michelle I believe you came back from your near death experience to help people like me. Thank you, you have made our household into a home. With love and gratitude, Lisa.

Christine Says:


Hi Michelle Thank you so much for an amazing reading. It has helped me understand and to have the belief and confidence in myself Also to be guided by Spirit to focus and use my own intuition and connection. Helping me let go of the old patterns that have held me back in the past. Moving forward with the gift of Healing for myself and to help others . I am very Thank full. Kind regards Christine

Cathy Says:

I recently had a reading with Michelle I highly recommended her I would not go to anyone else from now on she is truly 

amazing with her insight to what going on in your life and relationships. She is truthful but very compassionate I got a lot of clarification her understanding of my situation was truly amazing. She has given me the courage to keep moving forward through this life journey. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Susan Says:

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that the reading today was amazing. I'd like to book another session as I have so many more questions. Your insights and guidance was the best I have ever received.

Kate Says:

This was the most detailed, extraordinary reading. Michelle provided such detail and times to do certain things and what needs to be done to create the ideal outcome. I have had many readings in the past and this was the best ever reading . I was blown away.

Darren Says:

Michelle is a true professional. She is amazingly talented with unique talents and skills that you will rarely find in another psychic. Michelle is precise and accurate with fine details such as times, dates, names, locations. Truly Brilliant - call her. You will be so happy that you did.

Diana Says:

Thanks Michelle for a fantastic reading. You gave me a lot of confirmation and this is probably what I needed. I look forward to implementing some of the things you suggested.

Vivienne Says:

Michelle, both my husband and I would like to thank you for your time, energy, gentleness, humour, insight and sincerity when addressing questions relating to issues impacting family and profession. Your encouraging words have had an enormously positive influence on my husband. Thank you again! V & C.

Teagan Says:

Michelle's ability to read into my life is phenomenal. I was blown away by messages she gave me about my life and also from my Grandmother who had passed away two weeks ago. She was the only person that I told my secret to. Michelle repeated it in my session with her and it was refreshing that she understood me so well. My reading has identified areas which I need help with. Keep being of service Michelle. X0

Cecile Says:

Thank you Michelle for today session. It was deep in details and gave me a great guidance. I feel so much more relaxed now. Looking forward to the future . Thank you again.

Tracey Says:

A wonderful experience and many useful insights. Practical advice for me to be able to move forward after feeling 'stuck' for quite some time. A lot of confirmations that i'm' moving in the right direction. Michelle was very personable and open - a great communicator.

Rebecca Says:

Thank you so much for my amazing reading. You were able to give me wonderful clarity and vision to situations.

Toni Says:

I had a 1 hour reading with Michelle and loved it. Very thorough and informative. Highly recommended. Spot on the money.


Todd Says:

Thank you Michelle, you are wonderful. Its amazing what you do, you were really speaking to my heart. Love, light and gratitude todd.

Ben Says: 

Hi Michelle, just wanted to give you a big thanks for the Akashic Record Reading the other week. It gave me more clarity in my life situation, increased my level of self awareness and has given me some tools to be able to move forward. Love your work and your help was much appreciated.

Fatima Says:

As always, Michelle, you delivered a marveously clarifying, empowering, uplifting Session....covering so many life areas and angles. I appreciate your Gift greatly and I thank you for sharing it. Many blessings, Fatima x

Ani Says:

Michelle is always so generous with her guidance and continues to tune in to what is really happening. She is spot on every time and as an musician, speaker and kinesiologist of 20 years i can fully back up this testimonial with saying Michelle is all over it! I am quite connected to what I need but love hearing her insight as she always shows me something I have missed and I love that support. I need to make many decisions about business and contracts and i definitely need support from Michelle's awareness to stay on track!

Jenny Says:

Thank you so much Michelle. The most incredible reading I have ever experienced. I now have clarity and feel an amazing shift of confidence within myself. The best $140 I have ever spent. Michelle confirmed my path and now with great confidence I can step forward, in all areas of my life. Much gratitude to you Michelle. Love and light Jen ❤

Kerry Says:

I had the most amazing Akashic record reading with Michelle today, she was extremely accurate, and knew things I didn't know, but totally resonated with. She also gave me guidance and great ideas on how to move forward on where I feel stuck! I highly recommend Michelle, an extremely gifted, wonderful soul. I can't wait to see her again, and feel Blessed I have found her!! Thank you x Kerry xx

Megan Says:

I just wanted to thank you so much Michelle for clearing our house. We were being constantly bombarded by earth-bound spirits and I really appreciate you clearing our space and moving them onto where they need to be. it was wonderful to talk to you and get some insight into what's happening with my family.

Lorna Says:

Thank you Michelle for performing a Space Clearing on my home. I feel at peace and enjoy spending time here now. I love being free from Spirits. I have had many people try and clear my home with no luck. You came in and fixed the problem. I will recommend you to my friends. Thank you for getting rid of the sprits that I had to put with for far too long. 

Anna says:


Michelle is marvellous, she reassured me about things that have been worrying me and helped me look at life more positively. I would highly recommend her.


Natasha says:

Highly recommended!

Michelle is a kind hearted person. The most amazing woman I have met. She is genuine! Every single thing she said about my brother that passed away was 100% accurate and I felt every moment he was with us in the room. She read my life, my husband and my brothers life like a book. I felt she was there with us our whole life, because everything she said was true. She gave me peace of mind and closure. I did not doubt anything she said and she said things about my brother that no one could have known. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants insight in their life or to connect with a passed loved one. Michelle you have a remarkable gift and such a beautiful soul.


Fatima says:


Yesterday's Session with you, Michelle, was tremendous. Answered all the questions I had in terms of moving forward in the most empowered way. Delivered everything, and more. I am very appreciative of your Gifts and the ways in which you so generously and lovingly offer them. In heartfelt appreciation, Fatima xx


Sally-Anne says:

Michelle is always amazing to speak to. Michelle has read for me many times, she is caring and very accurate, I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Nicole says:


Such an accurate reading . You are a gifted psychic, healer and a kind, loving soul. Thank you very much Michelle


Juliet says:

Hi Michelle, The Akashic reading was absolutely stunning. Not only was it insightful, but the healing you give whilst doing it was among the most powerful I've had. Thank you again for your wonderful, caring sessions Jules and Derek

Michelle says:


Thank you Michelle for an amazing reading/healing. So accurate and empowering - you have such a gift xoxo


Nicole says:


Found Michelle to be warm, open and welcoming. She has a caring nature and is very accurate with her readings. Her information was specific and pertinent to the areas of interest that I asked her about. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. She is a gifted reader and was very helpful to me!.


Vaughan Says:


Thank you so very much for today's session Michelle. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very well informed. Loved the way you handled my ability to interrupt. Thanks for the smile. Vaughan.


Sheila says:

Michelle you were amazing. Thank you so much for your amazing insights. The reading felt spot on and important messages were there in abundance xxx


Catherine says:


Michelle will help you sort through whatever muddle you have managed to get yourself into. Sometimes when we come to a crossroads, we just need that extra bit of insight to help us decide what to do. Michelle not only has excellent access to the cosmic plan, she is just so wonderfully friendly and calm, and you just know you can trust completely the guidance you are receiving through her, and feel confident to take any action that is recommended. I highly recommend her services.


Sharna says:


Speaking with Michelle is like receiving a big warm hug from a long lost friend ! Such a wonderful connection with beautiful guidance throughout the reading, she has such a gift. Thank you so much xoxo


Jo says:

Have just had a reading with Michelle and as always made to feel very welcome and was spot on with things. She has also helped me realise it's time to take the big step everyone has been telling me to do:) Thank you

Jody says:

This was a really interesting reading. You were spot on when it came to my husband. It was done in a kind, caring manner and answered the questions I had. I'll be back :) it's too soon to know what else was accurate as only time will tell.


Emma says:


Great reading today! Thanks so much for easing my mind on certain things. Your reading helped me immensely and I will most likely book another down the track as I could have asked more! It was so nice to get confirmation on things I have seen psychically myself but was still confused. You also confirmed my intuition on certain things. I should really trust myself more. Thanks for filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle for me and I really enjoyed connecting with you x


Jane says:

It was lovely to meet with Michelle giving me guidance and reassurance in the areas of my life I needed some extra insight.She has a real gift and would recommend her to anyone wanting support. Thank you so much and look forward to catching up again.xx


Kirsty says:


Thank you so much for your reading today Michelle. For the first time in a long time, I felt a wonderful sense of calm and purpose after speaking with you. I felt safe to discuss any concerns I had about my present and my family's future. Your accuracy about my present and the detail you offered about my 'future events' were amazing. You took the time to further explain details when I asked and I am so grateful for your insight. I am so thankful I found you and I will definitely be returning for another reading. Thank you so so much, you have given me a great gift today.


Becky says:

I love my readings with Michelle, she's such an amazing person. Every time I leave I feel so optimistic and content. Can not recommend her highly enough :)

Angela says:


Hi Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for your time and reading this afternoon. I've been to so many readings over the years but yours felt so very different. It was as if you were opening a door or window into my life and could see all that was in it. You truly do have an amazing gift and I for one I'm so pleased you are sharing this gift and offering such guidance, I thank you!